My Journal

Where in the world am I?

Hi Friends! Mark and I have been in Asheville, North Carolina this week! If you haven’t heard already, I’m ready to tell you about our next adventure! We sold ALL our things, including our car, and we’ve decided to travel and travel and travel some… Continue Reading

You Are a Miracle Maker

It was a typical, sweltering, 100-degree summer day in Texas. Mark and I were enjoying our car’s icy air conditioning while running errands to prepare for our next adventure (to be revealed in the coming weeks). We were on our way to get a copy… Continue Reading

Time to Celebrate!

Hi Friends! Minutes after sending out this month’s newsletter, my honey came into the room where I was working with two glasses and a bottle of pink champagne to celebrate! I feel so relieved to have the newsletter sent, because that means the store is… Continue Reading

When the Queen Bee Comes to Visit

Hi Friends! In our last apartment, we had a huge sliding glass window that opened up to the balcony.  Beyond the balcony was a beautiful golf course with trees and a pond, and we loved keeping the door open to feel the fresh air and… Continue Reading

A Walk Among the Tulips

Hi Friends! Mark and I recently visited the Dallas Arboretum during their tulip and daffodil show, and I loved it!  Tulips are my favorite flower.  I prefer the unusual varieties, like parrot tulips with their feathery petals, but if someone is handing them to me,… Continue Reading

Appreciating Our Innate Beauty

Hi Friends, This is a photo of a yellow poppy Mark and I saw at the Dallas Arboretum.  I am so amazed at the beauty and complexity of nature.  When I look at these amazing blooms, trees, mountains, and oceans, I remind myself that the… Continue Reading

On a Roller Coaster, Baby!

Hi Friends, Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing everyday like I did last month.  I’m going to just tell myself you all noticed, even if you didn’t, in order to stroke my ego 🙂  Anyhoo, first I didn’t write as much because we were… Continue Reading

Our Trip to Whole Foods :)

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a fantastic day!  I am feeling relieved today because not only did Mark and I get all our belongings out of our storage unit, but we’re also almost through the renovation projects in my mom’s home after the… Continue Reading

Barbara Brennan on Negative Feelings

Dear Friends, I’m reading Chapter 2 of Light Emerging (I wrote a previous post about chapter 1), and I just came across an interesting idea that I would like your thoughts on.  Barbara Brennan says the following: It is more acceptable in our society to… Continue Reading