My Journal

How I Met The Love of My Life…

Hello Friends! It’s almost Valentine’s Day!!!!  Okay, Valentine’s is 2 weeks away, but at least it’s February!  I LOVE Valentine’s Day.  I always have.  I love all things pink, red, colorful hearts, I love chocolate, and I love lovey-dovey phrases that are posted on all… Continue Reading

Releasing Fear, One Step at a Time

Dear Friends, This is the story of a woman (me a year ago) overcoming her fear.  One day, this woman and her fiancé were taking a long walk when they happened upon a creek with a pipe stretched across it.  Her fiancé was thrilled and couldn’t wait to… Continue Reading

Our Next Adventure!

Dear Friends, Have you been wondering what our brainstorming session at the cabin was about and what our next new adventure is? We’re moving to San Francisco! We found a beautiful home in a beautiful town just outside of San Francisco, and we’re so excited… Continue Reading

Featured on A Celebration of Women!

Hello Friends! A few months ago I was asked by Catherine Ann Clark to submit my bio to her website,  Their website has tons of inspiring articles to enjoy, and you can also see the article they created for me. According to their website, “A Celebration… Continue Reading

Retreat to a Cabin in the Woods

Dear Friends, Mark and I just returned from an impromptu retreat at a cabin in the woods.  It was a very special trip for Mark because his family owned the cabin when he was a child, so he showed me all the trails they would… Continue Reading

Reading Tarot and Cosmo Update

Hello Dear Friends, I’ve been writing a lot about Cosmo lately, and I wanted to give you another update.  We have decided to keep the kitty cats separated, and they are both doing well.  I kept getting the message that Cosmo needs a bit more… Continue Reading


Dear Friends, This is a totally rambling post, so don’t expect extra enlightenment, okay?  🙂 I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I want it to be like and look like next year.  Mark and I already have a new design worked… Continue Reading

Coming Out Of the Psychic Closet

Hello Friends, A little over a week ago, Mark and I had dinner with several members of his family.  Mark has a lovely family, but you may have noticed that I’m a little out of the ordinary (talking to spirits, dead people, etc).  We were… Continue Reading