Personal Empowerment

How to Find Your Path

Hi Friends! Have you ever wondered how to find your path? There have been several times in my life when I’ve felt like that, and most of my clients have felt that too. If you’re feeling stressed about not being on your path right now,… Continue Reading

Are your thoughts stealing from you?

This week I did a reading for a woman who was looking forward to a new career. However, she told herself it would be difficult to find a new job, that she was too old to start over, and that she wouldn’t be paid as… Continue Reading

Is a past life holding you back?

If you have ever considered the possibility that you might have lived before, you’ve probably also wondered if something from your past life could be affecting your life now. Maybe a past life would explain why you’re scared of spiders, feel uncomfortable in a crowd, or feel… Continue Reading

Do you compare yourself to others?

Hi Friends! Several years ago on my 30th birthday, I went to my grandparents’ home for dinner. They are both very successful business owners, and on that night I had been feeling frustrated with my business. I compared myself to them and felt like I was… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Get Help Making Your Decision

Sometimes it’s really difficult to know which decision would be best. If you are looking for clarity right now, this reading can help! First, think of your decision, and focus on one option. For example, if you’re trying decide between a house in the country or… Continue Reading

When you don’t know how to help…do this.

It’s hard to see someone you care about suffering. Whether they are dealing with an illness, going through a big transition, or struggling in some other way, it’s hard to know sometimes what you can do to help. I recently did a reading for a… Continue Reading

Trust Your Calling

A calling is a feeling deep inside that you want to take a certain path in your life. Have you felt a calling, only to be sidetracked by self-doubt or fear? In this video, I’ll help you move forward. How do you know what your calling… Continue Reading

Claim Your Power

In every reading I do, one of the most important things to me is to help my client feel empowered. When you feel empowered, you are remembering that your choices create your life. Your choices create how you perceive events, and that can make the difference… Continue Reading

Do Your Thing

Do you ever feel like you should be making more of a difference in the world? Does it seem like everyone else is doing cool, meaningful things, and you’re falling behind? If you’ve ever felt this way, this video is for you. This message brought… Continue Reading