Personal Empowerment

The Myth of Getting It All Done

Our first week in Mexico, my husband Mark and I were the most relaxed we’d been in a looong time. We’d just embarked on a new adventure, we were taking time off work, we hardly spent time at our computers, and we spent our days… Continue Reading

Message for Your Inner Dreamer

My new painting is for the dreamer in YOU. That part of you that holds onto a sparkle of hope and promise, even during difficult and confusing times. I send love and encouragement to that part of you, and I trust its wisdom beyond everything… Continue Reading

Adventure vs. Stability: Finding the Balance

It’s our second week in Guanajuato, Mexico! The first week I soaked up the adventure of being in a new place with a new language, new customs, new people, finding a home…the list of “New” was extensive! Ha! But the second week I found myself… Continue Reading

Art Journal: Your Special Magic

You have a special brand of magic. It’s in everything you do. It’s in your smile, your laugh, your tears. It’s in the way you move, the way you speak, the way you solve problems. It’s in every personality quirk, irritation, and loving gesture. Everything… Continue Reading

Finding Your Direction

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your direction and you have no idea where to go next in your life? Have you worried about making the wrong decisions, taking too much time, or never creating a life you love? I’ve felt lost many times in my… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Bounce Back from Adversity

We all have difficult times in life. Times when it’s more difficult to put on a happy face and keep going. Even if you’re the most optimistic, positive person in the world…even you have moments when life just feels hard. What’s important is that you… Continue Reading

Art Journal: Freedom from Your Inner Critic

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough? Have those feelings made you shy away from doing something you really want to do? In this TrueYou TV video (it’s another Art Journal!), I share my happy painting and the importance of allowing yourself the… Continue Reading

How to Set Aside Nagging Thoughts

You know those times when something is on your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it? It could be something someone said, a decision you have to make, or a worry, and it grows and grows until you can’t focus on anything else. That… Continue Reading

VIDEO: Overwhelmed? Learn to Say No

Do you feel that there’s not enough time for you, but you keep taking on more responsibilities? Do you feel a sense of pressure or obligation to say yes when someone asks you for a favor? Saying yes when you want to say no can… Continue Reading