Personal Empowerment

Election 2012: No Matter Who Wins

Hi Friends! As you probably know, the U.S. presidential election is coming up. Mark and I have been following the debates, and I have to admit that I have been feeling emotional about this election. To me, Romney and Obama represent very different visions for… Continue Reading

Nurturing the Beginner Mindset

Hi Friends! This morning in my meditation, I saw a deer. When I saw it, I got the word, “Innocence.” As I noticed more about the image, the deer started feeling real to me. I could feel its hair as I stroked it. I could see its… Continue Reading

You Are Amazing!

Hi Friends! I just wanted to remind you today that you are amazing! Think of all the wonderful things you’ve done in your life – people you’ve helped, challenges you’ve overcome, confusion you’ve moved through…Wow! You are so amazing! We all have times when we… Continue Reading

Expressing Your Authentic Self

Hi Friends! We all have wonderful ideas, talents, and gifts to share with the world. Sometimes it’s easy to share and shine our light, and other times, it takes summoning up heaps of courage and faith. Even though it may be challenging at times, I… Continue Reading

You Are Worthy

Hi Friends! A theme that has come up several times this week in my readings and meditations is the idea of feeling worthy to receive. It doesn’t matter what wonderful thing you want in your life, if you don’t feel worthy of receiving it, you… Continue Reading

Transforming Fear Into Empowerment

Hi Friends! As excited as I was about our move, a few weeks before I found plenty of things to worry about. I don’t know why I worry and imagine future doom, especially when I have the wonderful connection with my Spirit Guides and know… Continue Reading

Everything Has a Purpose

Do you ever feel like you’ve made mistakes? Have you ever looked back on relationships and choices you’ve made in your life and felt like you did the wrong thing or that you wasted that time in your life? Everything has a purpose. All those… Continue Reading

Following Your Inner Compass

Hi Friends! One of my specialties is to help people find and follow their Divine Purpose. I help people listen to their Spirit and follow their inner compass in order to create lives that are fulfilling and filled to the brim with joy. One of… Continue Reading

Spirit Guides: Follow Your Path

Hi Friends, This morning I was going through some entries from the book I’m working on with my Spirit Guides, and I found the following passage. It ties in perfectly with this week’s Messages of Joy podcast about recognizing that only you know the best… Continue Reading