Personal Empowerment

The Power of Choice

Each day we choose our experience. We choose to see goodness or pain. We choose to feel joy or feel disappointment. We choose to see the greatness in others or how they fail to meet our expectations. Each day, each moment is a choice. When… Continue Reading

Rest and Renew for a Happier You!

Hi Friends! You know those moments when you need some rest but there are so many things you still want to do? Sometimes we push and push and push ourselves to exhaustion. Where does that lead us? We get irritated, everything looks gloomier than it… Continue Reading

Release the Need to Be Perfect

Hi Friends! This week I’ve been thinking a lot about taking risks in life and how sometimes the need to be perfect can get in our way. We may be really drawn to something, but we feel like we have to be perfect at it… Continue Reading

The Continual Evolution of Your Ideal Life

Dear Friends, Creating your ideal life isn’t a one-time deal.  It’s a life decision you continue to make.  You may create your ideal life for right now, and then a few months from now, you may have a different feeling of what your ideal life… Continue Reading

How to Have a Fun Brainstorming Session

Hello Friends! A few weeks ago I mentioned that Mark and I had a brainstorming session at a cabin in the woods, so today I’m going to tell you how we conduct our sessions.  We are always coming up with new experiences we want to… Continue Reading

Are You Ready?

Dear Friends, Are you ready to have a life filled with joy?  Are you ready to see the opportunities that are all around you, just waiting for you to open your eyes?  Right now you have people in your life who have the connections, talents,… Continue Reading

Jana Stanfield: I Am Not Lost, I Am Exploring

Hello Friends! One of my great joys while in Florida was having the opportunity to see Jana Stanfield in a private concert.  I find her songs are so inspiring and uplifting.  I attended two of her concerts and her songwriting class all in one wonderful… Continue Reading

Examining the Word Should

Hey Friends! The words we speak are so powerful.  Every time we speak positively out loud or in our minds, wonderful positive energy is created.  One of the things I have become very conscious of in the past several years is making sure the words… Continue Reading

You are Enough

You are enough, just as you are.  Each emotion you feel, everything in your life, everything you do or do not do…where you are and who you are right now is enough.  It is perfect.  You are Divine Perfection in every moment.  Just breathe into… Continue Reading

Focusing on Your Journey

We are all on wonderful life journeys.  They are unique journeys, and each of us is equipped with perfect guidance and intuition to lead us along our journey.  We can choose to listen to it or not, but we all have it.  Part of living… Continue Reading