Spirit Guides & Angels

VIDEO: How to Write to Spirit Guides

You know those times when you think, “Ugg! I wish I knew what to do about…”? Your Spirit Guides are a great source of guidance. Although I love doing readings to share messages from your Spirit Guides, what I love even more is helping you feel empowered to… Continue Reading

Prayer from Angel Gabriel

Hi Friends! This is a prayer I received from Angel Gabriel during one of my meditations. Gabriel is the Angel of communication, and he helps us communicate clearly and with love. Before saying this prayer, take a moment to breathe deeply, become focused on where… Continue Reading

Angels: You Are Not Alone

Hi Friends! Today, when I sat to write this article, I felt and saw three Angels near my writing desk, so I asked them what message they would like me to share today. Here is the message I received: Angels are always with you, always… Continue Reading

Each Moment is a Gift

Hi Friends! Today I want to share a recent message from my Spirit Guides about enjoying each moment: You are capable of great things. Sometimes you don’t realize this or you think your goals are taking too long (or will take too long) to accomplish.… Continue Reading

Spirit Guides and Telepathy

Hi Friends! As you are learning to communicate with your Spirit Guides, remember that Spirit Guides can communicate via telepathy. This means that you may receive words, sounds, images, scents, and feelings through your energy field. Sometimes, people expect to see their Spirit Guide’s lips… Continue Reading

Spirit Guides Talk About Prayer

Hi Friends! The message from my Spirit Guides today is about prayer: Prayer is wonderful. We love to hear prayer. It is like music to us. It is your loving plea for help and answers, your recognition that there is something more (a spiritual existence… Continue Reading

Spirit Guides: Follow Your Path

Hi Friends, This morning I was going through some entries from the book I’m working on with my Spirit Guides, and I found the following passage. It ties in perfectly with this week’s Messages of Joy podcast about recognizing that only you know the best… Continue Reading

Ways Spirit Guides May Appear To You

Hi Friends! If you are expecting to see a Spirit Guide in the flesh, as a solid substance the way you see a physical person, you will overlook the ways they commonly make their presence known. Here are some of the ways they may appear… Continue Reading