Changing careers? Here’s how to stay encouraged

Changing careers? Here's how to stay encouraged

If you’re wanting to change careers and start doing something you love, this video is for you! My hubby Mark is joining me to talk about his recent career transition and to share tips for figuring out what you want to do, how to make the journey easier, and how to stay encouraged.

To give you some background, my hubby has been an entrepreneur working from home for his entire career, doing marketing, web development, and communications consulting. About 8 months ago, he decided to start looking for a career working for a non-profit, and he didn’t want to do the same work he’d been doing as an entrepreneur.

He searched, applied, and interviewed for 7 months before finding a perfect fit with Habitat for Humanity. Even though there were times when he felt discouraged (because it took a lot longer than he expected), he gained clarity about what he really wanted, met some amazing people, and kept going! I hope hearing about his journey (and some of mine) can help inspire you on your path.

As you are thinking about what career you might love to do, don’t limit yourself by only considering what you have done in the past. Start by allowing yourself to consider that any career is possible for you, and ask yourself what sounds interesting? What sounds like fun? If you could do absolutely anything, what would you do?

Focus on JOY first.

Once you have an idea of what you would like to do, determine how you can reword your resume to highlight the skills you already have that would work for that career. Instead of thinking of the specific jobs you’ve had in the past, focus on the skills you learned in those jobs, and other skills and knowledge you have that you might not have used in a previous job.

For example, Mark had never worked for a non-profit. However, he highlighted the web development and communications consulting he had done for several non-profits. He also added all his volunteer experience to his resume. In his cover letter, he wrote about how his skills as an entrepreneur make him an asset for a non-profit organization. He found ways to highlight how his background would work for the career field he now wanted.

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You don’t have to stay stuck in a career you don’t enjoy. It is in everyone’s best interest for you to have a career you love. Allow yourself to believe that a new path is possible and that you are already on your way to discovering the perfect next career for you. Every day you are getting new insight and clarity.

If you would like some guidance from your Spirit Guides to help you get clarity, you can request a reading with me. I’m happy to help!

Keep going, and stay encouraged! You can do it!

Lots of love,


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