Changing Careers: Is now a good time?

Hi Friends!

I get it. Your job sucks and you want something different. But is now a good time?

Currently, we’re dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and there are big changes happening with companies around the world. Many of my clients have told me they want to change their career, but with the dramatic changes happening in the world, they wonder if they should just stay where they are, even though they’re unhappy.

There are some legitimate reasons you might want to stay longer in your current job. I once stayed at a job that made me absolutely miserable for a few extra months to qualify for a PTO (paid time off) cash payout. Some people wait to switch jobs until their children are in school or out for the summer. Others wait due to insurance reasons.

Whether there is a pandemic or not, one thing I know is that if you fear making a change, you will always be able to find a reason why the timing isn’t quite right.

If you’re miserable in your current job, I want to help you move forward to something more joyful when you’re ready. I want to help you question your thoughts about timing and to consider that maybe right now is the perfect time for you. Maybe everything is working out in your favor right now for you to make that shift. 

In this video, I share ways you can re-frame your thoughts to help you see the avenues opening for you and feel positive about making a career change.

I also have many other blog articles & videos about Career & Money, which I’ll link to below the video.

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If you want some personal guidance as you are moving in a new direction, I’d be happy to do a phone or email reading for you!

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