Christmas with the Angels

Christmas with the Angels

Hi Friends! I put up my Christmas tree this week, and it is a happy explosion of color. While I was decorating, I was thinking about the Angels I’ve encountered – divine Angels that have helped me and my clients and delivered messages during readings, and the Earth Angels like you who have been a blessing in my life this year.

When I needed healing for my back and physical therapy wasn’t helping, my client Emily was an Earth Angel, sending me a resource that helped me heal myself. When Mark was looking for a new job and we both had moments of needing reassurance, I received signs and messages of hope from my Angels. My mom and step-father were Earth Angels, helping us and encouraging us along the way. When one of my clients was worried about healing from cancer, Archangel Raphael appeared during her reading and offered comfort. When I was worried about taking the right next step in my life and beginning nursing school, Archangel Michael appeared to give me reassurance and strength.

I am not someone who blindly believes in spiritual helpers. I have always sought proof. I need to know that they are there. As I reflect on the past year, I can see the hand of God working in my life through the people I’ve connected with and the messages I’ve received in quiet moments. I am so grateful that there is something bigger than me giving me reassurance along the way.

There are hundreds of different holidays being celebrated this time of year, and I love the diverse audience I have found through my blog. I hope that whatever you are celebrating, you are safe, you feel loved, and you are able to see how you have been divinely guided this year. Angels are with you and available to help. If you’re looking for their reassurance and direction, you can always contact me for a reading. I’m happy to help.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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