Claim Your Power

Claim Your Power by Melanie The Medium

In every reading I do, one of the most important things to me is to help my client feel empowered. When you feel empowered, you are remembering that your choices create your life. Your choices create how you perceive events, and that can make the difference between feeling discouraged and feeling hopeful.

But we all know, shit happens. We may get cancer, our house might burn down, we may get in a wreck, our identity might get stolen…and then what? Did you choose for that to happen? Did you create that?

Maybe on some level you did. Maybe before you were born you thought that experience could help you fulfill your purpose. Maybe you chose that experience to help someone else who would learn from watching you go through it.

Who knows?

The important point is that even if the unexpected happens, you can choose what to do next. You can choose to use that experience to lift you up or to bring you down. You have the power.

When the unexpected happens, you can choose to use that experience to lift you up or bring you down. Click To Tweet

Think about any area of your life where you feel out of control. What do you feel has happened to you, as opposed to something you chose?

In this moment, claim your power. Decide how you will move forward. Decide what you will take away from this experience.

That is your power. Claim it!

Sending love to you,


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