Cleaning Your Inner Haunted House

Cleaning Your Inner Haunted House

Pumpkins are being carved, Halloween decorations are being hung, and every good witch is dusting off her broom and pointed hat. As you’re getting your outer haunted house ready, have you ever felt like there are corners of your mind that have collected a few extra spider webs or ghostly haunts? I’m talking about painful memories, regrets, or grudges you just haven’t gotten over and let go of yet.

Here are some tips to clean up and clear out:

The first step to clearing out your inner haunted house is to notice where the cobwebs are. What emotions are taking up valuable space but not adding anything to the scenery? Take some time to look within and notice how your spirit is feeling. As different emotions show themselves, allow yourself time to feel them. Travel back in your mind to other times in your life and notice if any other emotions come to the surface. Relish the ones that make you feel good, and take note of the areas you would like to heal.

Ask for help seeing the beauty of the situation or person that has caused you to feel upset. Be patient with yourself. The process of opening up to see beauty in a formerly painful situation can take days, months, or even years. You can begin with simply saying inwardly, “Even though I don’t see how this event or person was beneficial to my life, I’m open to feeling differently about it in the future.”

Halloween has a sense of playfulness, and that’s a good mindset to have when peeking into the recesses of our minds. Forget about getting down on yourself because you feel you still have more spiritual work to do. Being able to laugh at yourself and move on is such a relief!

And of course, the number one thing to remember this Halloween is to treat yourself, whether with a yummy piece of candy, your favorite movie, or anything else that makes your day extra special. When we are loving and compassionate with ourselves, we are able to view others with love and compassion as well. Making sure you have daily treats of joy will shed light into even the darkest of haunted houses.

Happy Halloween!


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