Cleansing Your Aura in the Shower

1165884_water_dropsEverything in the Universe is energy.  We each have an energy field that extends beyond the boundaries of our bodies, commonly referred to as an aura.  Sometimes our auras can become weak or imbalanced due to stress, diet, our thoughts, and other influences.  We have an easy opportunity to cleanse our aura every time we take a shower. Here’s how to do it:

  • As you get in the shower, tell yourself that as you cleanse your physical body, you are also cleansing every layer of your aura.
  • As you scrub each part of your body, see your energy field becoming cleaner and more energized with each scrub.   See the old energy, any illness, and all negativity going down the drain.
  • As you scrub the bottom of your feet, imagine you are clearing the channel that allows you to receive nourishing energy from the earth.
  • Say positive affirmations and loving words to yourself as you are scrubbing your body.  If you have an understanding of chakras, say positive affirmations that relate to each chakra as you scrub that area.
  • As you scrub the top of your head, see yourself clearing the channel to receive love and guidance from the Source of all Goodness.  See white light coming in through the top of your head, filling, surrounding, and energizing every part of your energy field.
  • Once your energy field feels clean to you, turn the water slightly cooler and stand under it, letting it run over the top of your head and down your body. Imagine the water is white, energizing light pouring over and through you, restoring you to your natural, healthy, energetic, peaceful state of being.

This exercise was adapted from one on John Edward’s Audiobook, Developing Your Own Psychic Powers.

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