Communicating with loved ones who have dementia

Communicating with loved ones who have dementia by Melanie Jade Rummel

Every reading I do is an amazing experience. I love communicating with Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed, and I’m always surprised by the information that comes through. In a recent reading, I was even more surprised when the spirit who came through was someone who wasn’t dead yet!

She is a lovely lady who has dementia, and for quite a while she’s been unresponsive in a long-term care facility. She hasn’t been able to communicate through her body, but she came through strongly during the reading.

After giving details to verify her identity, she said, “My body is wigging out on me, but I’m fine.” She made a clear distinction between what was happening with her body and what she was feeling as a spirit. She made me feel like she knew what she wanted to say and do, but it wouldn’t come through her body properly.

She mentioned that she’d already seen her family members on the other side, and she wasn’t afraid for her body to die. She knew her family was with her, and she wanted to reassure my client that everything was going to be okay when she passed. She also referred to an event that happened in the family that no one had told her about, indicating that she was aware of what was going on, even though she couldn’t respond with her body.

In another example, a friend of mine told me about her mother, who had dementia and was in the memory unit of a hospital. Even though her mother couldn’t communicate in traditional ways, she could talk with my friend via telepathy. From three hours away, my friend would feel a light touch on her cheek when her mother wanted to talk, and then they’d communicate through thoughts that they would send to each other.

To communicate with your loved one via telepathy, take a few minutes to sit quietly and calm your mind. You can listen to a guided meditation to help you. Then send a thought to your loved one. You can send a feeling, an image, or just talk to them in your mind. After you’ve sent your message, notice what feeling, image, or message comes to you in response. I recommend writing about your experience so you have a record of your communication.

When a loved one has dementia, it may feel like you’ve lost them long before their body dies. I want to share the message that they aren’t truly gone. Their body is interfering in their ability to communicate, but part of them still understands. The person you know them to be still exists, but traditional methods of communication may not work.

If you have a family member with dementia, I send you love. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I hope that reading these stories has offered some amount of comfort.

Sending you love,


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