Confusion is a Message from Spirit

1124847_person_questionHi Friends!

Have you ever felt confused? Have you ever not known which job to take, where to move, what to do in your relationship, or how to act in a situation? Confusion is a message from your Spirit, letting you know that your mind is giving you conflicting information. Your Spirit may be wanting to go for one job, for example, but your mind thinks it would be more logical to go for the other job.

The way to access the answers, knowledge, and wisdom of your Spirit and clear your confusion is to take time to listen within. Sometimes you may not feel like you have the time to quiet your mind and listen. Other times, you may not want to listen. Listening may mean taking action that you’ve been avoiding. However, it will ultimately mean more joy and peace of mind.

Next time you’re feeling confused, take a moment to get quiet and center yourself.  Then, ask your questions and listen for the answers.  Pay attention to how your body feels.  Do you feel good when you think about one option, and not good when you think about the other option?  The message of your Spirit is always to do what brings you joy.

How do you know you’re hearing the message of your Spirit?

  • Is it kind?  If it sounds judgemental or annoying, that’s not your Spirit.  Your Spirit is always loving and feels good to hear.
  • Is it helping you to follow your bliss?  Your Spirit wants you to feel joy and be happy.
  • Is it loving?  Does the message feel loving to you?  When you hear the voice of your Spirit and follow it, you will feel joyful, relieved, and very loved.  You will feel like there’s a loving hand helping you along your magical journey of life.

When we listen to our Spirit, we always know the next step.  When we follow the loving voice of our Spirit, our lives feel joyful and worth living.

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