Reconnect with Deceased Loved Ones

Melanie the Medium Reconnect with Deceased Loved Ones

I’m so sorry for the loss of your loved one. I know it can be heartbreaking and overwhelming when a loved one passes, and all you want is peace of mind from knowing your loved one is okay. As a professional medium, that’s what I can give you.

I share messages from your loved one, or I can help you get messages directly from them through guided meditation.

A reading can give you:

  • Peace of mind, knowing they are okay
  • Freedom from guilt and worry
  • Reassurance about end-of-life decisions
  • An opportunity for healing, love, and laughter

Update 2023:

I have paused my readings and online courses to focus on my family. To learn when when readings and courses are available again, please sign up for my newsletter.

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60 minute reading – $165

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Other arrangements can be made for accessibility reasons. Please contact mePayments are processed through Paypal, but you don’t need a Paypal account to purchase.

Please do not purchase a reading as a gift. It is a very personal process. Please pass along my info so when they are ready, they can reach out for a reading. Thank you!

You have no idea how much your reading meant to me and my kids and how comforted we were by it. Your description of my ex-husband was so accurate. It brought us all to tears (happy ones) to know that he is happy and watching over our family.” – Julie S.

I connect to your loved ones who have passed and share validating information. This can include details about their appearance, their personality, how they passed, special memories, names, who they are with on the other side, how they send you signs, special messages for you, and events they see happening in your life.

Melanie is the real deal. In my first-ever reading by a medium, I was amazed at how she immediately made contact with my loved one and knocked over by the right-on information she imparted. It was a warm and uplifting experience. – Lynn P.

Worry and grief from a loss can keep you up at night. It interferes with your work, strains relationships, and steals your energy. Reconnecting with your loved one is life-changing and immediately lightens your emotional load. Your loved one is at peace, and you deserve peace too.

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60 minute reading – $165

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You might be wondering…

What happens during a reading?

During your reading your departed loved ones communicate with me in the form of images, feelings, sensations, words, and memories to help me validate who I am talking to and what they want to say. I share everything I’m getting to help you know for sure that I’m communicating with your loved one, that your loved one is okay, and that they are still sending you love from the other side.

Alternatively, as a clinical hypnotherapist, I can lead you through a guided meditation to see your loved one again and get messages directly from them. Even if you think you’re not good at meditation, I am trained to help you reconnect with your loved one on a spiritual level and get real, validating messages from them.

What if someone I don’t want to hear from comes through?

Just let me know, and I will send them away. That’s not likely to happen, but it’s very easy to turn anyone away. It’s just like deciding to shut the front door of your house – you let some people in and keep some people out. 

What is more likely to happen, and what surprises many of my clients, is that multiple loved ones come through with loving messages. You might even hear from a loved one you didn’t know in person! The basis of this work is Love, so only people with the most loving intentions will come through. 

Can you guarantee a specific loved one will come through?

Most of the time the loved one you want to connect with will come through. However, sometimes what is in your highest good is for someone else to come through first or to get other healing messages. Depending on the guidance I receive, I lead some of my clients through a meditation to see and communicate with their loved ones themselves.

Please have an open mind about what will happen and which loved ones will show up during your reading. My intention and prayer before each reading is that you experience what is in your greatest good, and I follow the guidance I get to make that happen.

Do you offer a guarantee?

If you feel the information I’m sharing isn’t ringing true or the reading isn’t what you expected, I will refund you 100%. Please let me know as soon as possible during the reading and resolve the issue with me directly. I will also let you know if I feel I am not the right reader for you. I want you to have a great experience, whether it’s with me or with a different medium.

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60 minute reading – $165

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