Connecting With Your Spirit in Times of Stress

Hi Friends!

This week I haven’t been feeling well. Years ago I might have labeled it as a cold, but now I know that every discomfort is caused by an imbalance in my energy and that my Spirit is trying to tell me something. So, I’ve been spending more time listening inward to what my Spirit is telling me and finding out how to heal and where to go from here.

Whenever we’re going through changes or difficult times and we’re feeling stressed or uncomfortable, we may feel like rushing around to fix the problem quickly instead of listening within. However, at those times, what we need most is to connect with our Spirit, breathe easily, and remind ourselves that we are beyond our situation. We are more than our concerns and more than our daily challenges. The way to see beyond our current situation and learn what we can do to move forward with even more joy is to listen to our Spirit.

So if you are feeling some angst, confusion, or just not up to the level of energy and joy you would like to be at, take a few minutes to sit quietly and connect with your Spirit.

You might ask yourself…

  • What is the source of this discomfort/stress?
  • How am I contributing to the problem?
  • What is my Spirit wanting me to know right now?
  • How can I get the most from this experience and move forward with love and joy?

As you ask yourself these questions, listen within and observe the answer that comes to you. Don’t judge what comes to your mind. Just write it down. Ask whatever questions feel right to you, and then write down the answers you receive. When you are finished, take a few minutes to just sit quietly. Feel your breath coming into and leaving your body, and remind yourself that you are much more than your current physical experience. You are a beautiful Being of light, and you are connected to and part of the Divine energy of love, peace, healing, and wisdom. Breathe in the love and the peace, and know that every experience helps you on your magical journey of life.

Many blessings to you,

Melanie Jade 🙂


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