Cosmo Goes to the Vet

Hi Friends!

Mark and I just returned from the vet with Cosmo. I want to share with you how my Angels and Spirit Guides helped make this the best vet experience we’ve ever had. You can use the same techniques to help make a potentially stressful situation in your life more peaceful as well πŸ™‚

Before we left the house this morning to go to the vet, Mark and I calmed our energy and then told Cosmo what was going to happen. We told her in our minds that we were taking her to a place where people would help her feel better.Β On the way to the vet, I continued to send Cosmo loving, healing energy. I imagined it flowing from my hands and into her carrying case. As I did this, I could feel my hands becoming hot. I asked my Guides and Angels to surround Cosmo, to keep her calm, and to let her know we were taking her to the vet to help her feel better again because we love her.

Then, I pictured the vet’s office in my mind. We’d never been to this vet’s office before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I set my intention that the waiting room would be empty, and that the office would be quiet and peaceful. I imagined a white light shining on the building from above and filling the vet’s office with love and calm, healing energy. I then asked the Angels to be there to provide calm energy and to help everyone there be loving and gentle with Cosmo.

Cosmo Goes to the VetMark holding Cosmo while waiting for the vet to arrive. She may look alert in this photo,
but she’sΒ 
very calm compared to previous vet experiences.
Mark apologizes for not smiling for the pic πŸ™‚

Cosmo doesn’t like people she doesn’t know touching her, and she’s quick to bite anyone who tries. In past visits to the vet, Cosmo has hissed and tried to bite the vet and vet techs. So, on the drive to the vet, I told Cosmo there would be helpers who would need to touch her today, and I asked her to be kind to them because they are just trying to help her feel better quickly.

So, we get to the vet’s office. We walk in, and the waiting room is empty and quiet (just as I had visualized!). Cosmo is calm in her carrying case, and I can feel the peaceful energy emanating from my hands on either side of her carrier. Mark and I see several people walking in the back part of the office, and we’re wondering which one is going to be Cosmo’s vet. Then, a woman with red curly hair passes by, and we both know she is the one.

When Cosmo gets in the office to be examined, she is a total sweetie-pie! We even warned the vet tech and vet that she bites, but she was on her best behavior! I was so proud of her! When we told the vet what was going on, she just gave us a bottle of pills for Cosmo, answered our questions, and sent us on our way! When we came home, I told Cosmo what the medicine was for, and she swallowed it down with no problems!

I cannot say enough what a peaceful experience this visit was. I know it was because of the communication with Cosmo ahead of time, asking for help, and setting our intention for a peaceful visit.

Here are some takeaways for you:

  • If you have to take your pet to the vet, talk to them first. Follow the link for my article about how to communicate with animals using telepathy. Tell your pet what is happening, why you are taking them to the vet, and that everyone there is just trying to help them feel better. Send your pet feelings of love and peace.
  • Make sure your energy is calm and peaceful. Your pet can feel your energy, so the more calm you are, the more calm your pet will be.
  • Ask your Spirit Guides and Angels for help making this a positive, peaceful experience.
  • Imagine the vet’s office, the vet and techs, and your pet are surrounded in white light of peace and love. State your intention about the atmosphere you want to experience in the office.

You can use these same methods to talk to a baby before taking them to the doctor as well. Anywhere you are going where you want to enjoy a peaceful experience (work, airport, doctor’s office, etc), ask your Angels and Guides to be there. Imagine the place and the people (including yourself) surrounded in the white light of love and peace.

I am happy to report that Cosmo is back home after her quick vet visit, and she’s enjoying her afternoon sunshine in the living room. I hope these tips help you have more peaceful experiences in your life as well.

Sending you love!

Melanie Jade πŸ™‚

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