Holiday Family Squabbles -or- Cosmo Strikes Again!

Hello Friends!

Are you getting ready for the holidays?  Mark and I are having so much fun coming up with creative gift ideas.  I wish I could share them with you, but then my family would know what we’re doing.  So maybe I’ll post them after Christmas.

In other news, my kitty has been a NiGhTmArE!  Remember when I told you Cosmo acted like a demon when I first met her?  She’s at it again!  This time the victim is Midnight, my mom’s cat.  Just as I was about to write to you about what she’s doing, a funny thing happened.  When I was looking for the link to the article I just made (demon cat), another window “accidentally” opened and my eyes went directly to the middle of the article, which is about having patience with myself and with Cosmo during change.  It was a message from my guides that change can be unsettling and cause people (and animals) to act differently than they normally would, so I should remember that and react with love and patience.  Wow.  That was the message I received earlier this week when I asked my Guides about what was going on with Cosmo.  They told me she’s really sensitive to energy shifts, and she needs stability.  Right now we’re in the process of moving again, everyone is on different schedules than they were a few months ago, and it’s all getting to her.  They assured me that she will be more peaceful when we get settled in our new home.  All I can say is


Here’s the situation currently:


Midnight is such a sweet kitty cat.  She’s my mom’s cat, and she is adorable and lovable all the time.  My kitty?  Not so much.  However, as I carry her into her isolation room, I am sure to tell her, “I like YOU, just not your behavior.”  I think she’s very jealous of Midnight since we came back from our Honeymoon.  So, I keep thinking I should just sit down and meditate to communicate with her about her behavior, but I feel so frustrated with her sometimes that I just don’t want to even think about it.  At the same time, I also don’t like keeping her in a separate area of the house all by herself.  Ugg.  When I talk with her, I’ll let you know how it goes.  Ugg.  Or maybe you could just do it for me?

Do you have to separate loved ones for the holidays as well?  🙂  Is your method separation, avoidance, counting to ten???

Anyone want a cat for Christmas??? LOL (um…seriously) Just kidding! (but not really).


Melanie Jade

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