Reading Tarot and Cosmo Update

Hello Dear Friends,

I’ve been writing a lot about Cosmo lately, and I wanted to give you another update.  We have decided to keep the kitty cats separated, and they are both doing well.  I kept getting the message that Cosmo needs a bit more protection when things are moving and changing in our lives, and that even though we were feeling some guilt at first about keeping her in a separate room, that is truly what is best for her.  When Midnight is safely asleep in some other part of the house, we let Cosmo out so she can explore and fill her love quotient for the day.  She is super lovable to Mark and me.

As I’m sure you know by now, I ask my Guides for help in every aspect of my life.  When the conflicts with Cosmo and Midnight began, I was led to use my Halloween Tarot deck to get my answers.  I just want to show you that you don’t have to study tarot for years to read the cards intuitively.  You just have to be able to state what you see and feel when you look at the card.  Here’s a super easy example of what I’m talking about.  I asked my guides how Cosmo felt toward Midnight, because I wasn’t sure at that point whether they were playing or fighting, and here’s the card I got:


I immediately saw Cosmo as the Vampire, and I felt she was trying to overpower Midnight and acting like a bully.  I saw Midnight as the black cat, just trying to sneak away unnoticed.  I saw myself as the moon, looking on uncertain if Cosmo was playing or not.  This card can be read a million different ways, but I focused on what stood out to me and how it applied to my situation.  I asked Mark to look at the cards and see what he felt, and he was of the same mindset.

If you have a tarot deck you don’t get out much or are just starting to learn tarot, check out my Psychic Tarot Reading Online Course.  It is a great place to start.  Have confidence in yourself and what you see.  I suggest only checking the book after you’ve examined the card for your own meanings.  Then, if something in the book feels right, go with it.  If it seems totally off, disregard it.  Tarot can be a very personal communication tool with your guides, so trust your intuition above all else.

Here’s to trusting yourself and having peaceful cats!

Melanie Jade

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