Courageous Kitty Cosmo

kittytreckDec09Kitty Cosmo has always been an inside cat and has been terrified of the outdoors.  We have been taking her with us when we visit my mom so she can play with my mom’s cat, who loves going outside.  When it’s nice outside, we all sit in the beautiful backyard and chit chat.  We have been asking Cosmo to join us all outside for several months, but she has been too scared.

About a month ago, she started putting her front paws outside for a minute before rushing back inside.  Last weekend when we were are my mom’s, we were astonished to see Cosmo exploring her entire backyard!  She was running around, walking through the bushes, chasing bugs, and having a great time!  We were so proud of her for overcoming her fears!  She didn’t even want to come inside!

My kitty Cosmo is such a great reflection of the transitions I am going through at the moment.  So many things are happening in my life right now – wonderful, amazing things, but also things that are making me aware of my fears and outdated beliefs. Part of me feels safer when I know everything that’s going to happen in my life and when it is going to happen.  As I thought about how scared Cosmo was to go beyond the inside world she was comfortable with, I thought about how I had developed certain comfort zones that I was scared to get out of as well.  What would happen?  What dangers were out there?  What if what I expect to happen doesn’t happen?  What if I don’t like what I find and want to go back?  Maybe you have a part like that too.  It’s the part that isn’t comfortable stepping off the cliff before the bridge appears (get the analogy? and the Indiana Jones reference?).

As these changes have been coming into my life, I’ve been making a lot of decisions based on what I’m feeling intuitively before I can see validations in the physical world.  At times (ha! for weeks!) that has been really scary for me.  However, each step of the way I have been continuing to receive encouragement from my guides.  I have faced and cleared many fear-based belief systems that I know are no longer serving me.

Just like me, Cosmo gradually expanded her comfort zone and became curious and excited about what more the world had to offer.  Eventually, she discovered the world she was so scared of is beautiful and full of great opportunities for fun and excitement.  I learned that too!  I’m so proud of her.  And I’m so proud of me.

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