Could I have that with a side of chocolate, please?

This past week I’ve been feeling a rush of emotions, as you might have guessed from my latest newsletter.  We’re figuring out details on our wedding, our trip to Europe, moving, and what’s next after that in our lives.  So much going on in just the next 3 months.  Really amazing stuff, actually.  Now that I see it written down, I’m brought to tears (again) from the joy of it, rather than the overwhelming feelings I’ve been experiencing this past week.  I can feel big energetic changes happening within my mom and me as well.  We’ve been reminiscing and spending more mommy-daughter time together, which has been essential to me.  My mom is my best friend, and we’ve always been so close.

Because of my mind going overtime, I’ve found it very challenging to sit and meditate, which I know is the best thing for me to do.  Last night I finally decided to set my alarm for 5 minutes and commit that period of time to just being still and meditating.  I read a great quote once that meditating isn’t yet another thing to do, it’s the time we take to do nothing.  Mark decided to join me.  When the alarm sounded 5 minutes later, we both wanted to continue, so I hit the snooze button.  After our 15 minutes of meditating, we both felt relaxed and peaceful and were able to fall straight to sleep.  Yea!  Sometimes just a little bit goes a long way.

Since I haven’t been getting my messages via meditation lately, I’ve been getting reassurance in other ways, like dreams, signs, and other things I happen upon.  The other day I was thinking about catering options for our wedding and wondering if the one we are thinking we would like would even be in our budget.  I had just started crinkling my brow as the circle of possibilities and worries started turning again, when I looked over and saw a sign that read, “Newport. Now On Sale.”  We’re getting married in Newport, Oregon.  I got the message and immediately felt everything would work out just fine.  As it always does.

Ah well..

Just wanted to let you know why I haven’t been writing this past week.  I’m giving myself some me time.



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