July Walk by the Creek

Hi Friends!

Mark and I took a walk a few days ago to enjoy the creek and trails by our home, and I want to share some of the photos with you. Summers in Texas are hot. Maybe you’ve heard? 🙂 It regularly gets over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the earth becomes very dry.

It occurred to me on this walk that some people may never have seen the ground being so dry that it cracks. Sometimes the cracks can become several feet deep. As I looked at these cracks, I thought about how beautiful the earth is. It’s so wonderful to see it move and change, just like people do.

Even though the earth is dry and the temperature is hot, the air is very humid. It can feel like the air is pressing down on you, and it sometimes becomes oppressive. Other times, the heat can feel very soothing. The heat feels like it is penetrating all the way to your bones, and that can feel very relaxing at times…especially if you have a pool to jump into when you’re ready to cool down. Or a water hose to play in – I loved doing that when I was little. I used to drink out of the water hose, too, which my mom thinks is disgusting. I love it. It’s fun. But just a warning – in Texas, you have to let the water run for a few seconds before you start drinking out of it because the water will be HOT!!!

Our creek flows over what I think is sandstone. It looks smooth and white, and if you pick up a small piece, you can crumble it in your fingers.

I love the leaf and feather pictures. To me, these pictures capture the hot, dry summer feeling.

What stood out to me on this walk is the contrast between the dry, desolate feeling of the leaf, feather, and cracked earth and the beautiful creek, which is what I wanted to explore on this day.

Doesn’t it look refreshing? It even has little waterfalls. One of my favorite things about water is the sound it makes…

Where are your favorite places near your home where you love to explore and connect with nature?

Sending you love!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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