Diary of a Medium: Stories from Christmas

Diary of a Medium with Melanie Jade Rummel

Hi Friends! I had a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you did too! I want to share some of the funny things that happened this Christmas in my world of intuition and loving spirits.

My sweet hubby tries to surprise me with lovely gifts for Christmas, but at least once a year I can intuitively see through the packaging and immediately know what the gift is. Last year, I picked up a box and immediately shouted, “Oh my gosh! A ukulele tuner!” I had no idea he was getting me one, but when I touched the box, the knowledge of what it was popped into my head before I could help it.

This year, the same thing happened! I saw the corner of a wrapped gift, and I intuitively saw through the wrapping paper to the thick cardboard backing of an art tablet. I said, “Oh my gosh! I know what that is! I can see it! You got me an art tablet! Thank you honey!” He denied it of course, but Christmas morning told a different story. Luckily, that doesn’t happen with every gift, just a few oopsy! moments.

Cosmo at Christmas
Cosmo thinks she’s the prettiest gift under the tree!

The holiday season tends to be a poignant time for many people, especially for those who have lost loved ones. I want to reassure you that your loved ones are still able to be part of the family celebrations.

One of the gifts I created for my step father involved editing some old family photos. His dad passed away a few years ago. I didn’t meet him while he was alive, but I’ve seen him around the house several times. While I was editing a photo of him, I heard his humorously gruff voice in my mind saying, “You’d better make me look pretty.” I did a little air brushing of the photo around his face, talking to him about the changes to make sure they met his approval. Editing photos is much more fun when you’re talking to spirits!

Sometimes loved ones in spirit do funny things to get our attention and let us know they are with us. My great-grandmother lets us know she’s with us by throwing ornaments off the tree until one breaks. Ornaments that are very securely attached will just fling to the ground. My great-grandmother always said that Christmas begins when the first ornament breaks, so we all laugh and say hello to her when it happens.

Shortly before Christmas, I did a reading for a woman whose son is now in spirit. During the reading, he confessed to toying with the Christmas tree lights. His mother said that last year the lights kept turning off and on, and she knew it was her son. If something unusual happens and you feel it is a sign from your loved one, it most likely is!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you recognized signs from your loved ones if you were hoping for them.

Sending you lots of love,


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