Diary of a Medium: Finding Peace in the Present

Diary of a Medium Finding Peace In the Present

Before I started my career as a medium, I was working at a hospital, and I was ready to move on. I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to work for myself and to have appointments with clients to talk with them, give them guidance, and help them have more joy in every area of their lives.

I started creating a journal where I’d write my account of the day as if I was already living the life I wanted. I would write about how many clients I saw that day and how I was able to help them. I wrote about the joy and gratitude I felt to be able to do this meaningful work.

Even though my work at that time looked nothing like what I described in my journals, eventually the life I imagined in my journals became my reality. I now have a career I love, and every day I know I am making a difference.

Of course, I’m always thinking about new things I want to create in my life, and the other night I remembered these journals. I decided to grab a journal and start writing about the future I wanted as if I was already living it.

But then something beautiful happened.

As I touched my pen to paper, I was suddenly pulled out of my imagined future and became fully present. I became aware of my wonderful husband sitting near me, reading peacefully on his iPhone. We’d just finished watching a comedy on Netflix, laughing together while Mark stroked my hair. We were relaxed, peaceful, and happy. 

And I realized I don’t want to imagine a different moment than this one because this moment is so perfect as it is.

We’re going through changes in our lives. Mark is going to be working more outside of the home, and we won’t be spending as much time as we’re used to together. But right now, he’s still here.

Someday soon we’ll be wrapped up in packing and moving into our new home, which will bring its own excitement and maybe a little stress along the way. But right now, we are settled, safe, and comfortable. Right now we can rest.

My dreams for the future will happen in their own time, and I am fully confident that they will. But that time is not today. Today has its own perfection, and I am grateful.

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I believe there is value in imagining the future, but so often we think the future will be so great, and we miss the greatness we’re experiencing right now. We miss the purpose and the beauty that is already in our life.

I hope that all the dreams you have for your life come true, and I’m sure they will in their own time. But right now, I hope you also realize how perfect each present moment is.

Sending you love,


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