Do Your Thing

Do Your Thing with Melanie The Medium 800

Do you ever feel like you should be making more of a difference in the world? Does it seem like everyone else is doing cool, meaningful things, and you’re falling behind? If you’ve ever felt this way, this video is for you.

This message brought me a lot of peace. I had been in a funk, thinking I wasn’t doing as much as I could to help the world and that I was falling behind, and my Guides just said, “Hey. All you have to do is the thing you can do.”

So I thought, what can I do? What’s my thing?

My thing is talking to spirits. The thing I can do is share loving messages and insight from Angels and Spirit Guides. The thing I can do is communicate with loved ones who have passed and help their family members know they are okay. That’s my thing, and I’m doing it. And my Guides said, “That’s enough.”

What is your thing? Keep in mind that it can change throughout your life.

Your thing right now might be being a great mother or father. You might be a taxi driver, and your thing is helping people get to work or home safely and comfortably. Maybe your thing is helping companies grow by creating great marketing strategies, or cleaning hospital rooms so they are a safe place for patients to heal.

Whatever your thing is, it’s enough.

You may have ideas for doing more, and that’s great. But that doesn’t diminish the good you are doing right now. Acknowledge the difference you are making on each step of your journey.


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