Economic Opportunities

111375_unt3There are many people talking with doom and gloom about our current economy.  However, I believe and know everything has a positive reason for happening, and I have seen amazing opportunities arise for many people because of job shifts and restructuring.  I believe every change is an opportunity for even more happiness.  It’s our choice whether we see the new opportunities or not.

I have heard story after story of people who have been laid off from one job only to begin a new career that they’ve always wanted to do.  Sometimes we can get cushy in our routines or safety zones, and it takes a little shake up from the Universe to move us along to a more exciting, happier path.  That happened to me several years ago.  I was working in the NICU at a hospital and had been there for 2 1/2 years.  One day I was called into the office and told that I was laid off.  At first, I was shocked.  I couldn’t even speak.  Holy cow!  Shock and panic.  That lasted for several hours.  Then I got angry.  I was friends with everyone there, even my boss.  I felt betrayed.  Now I know I was being irrational, but at the time that’s how I felt.  Emotions aren’t rational.  Then one night I was finally honest with myself. I knew I had drawn this experience to myself for a reason (even though this was pre-hypnotherapy training).  I realized I had been bored at that job for the past year, had browsed other jobs several times, and really wanted to work in the emergency room instead.  However, I was comfortable with my friends at my current job and just not ready to make the leap into something else yet.  After several weeks, I found out about a job in a major trauma center emergency room nearby.  It was exactly what I wanted at the time, and I became thankful for the opportunity to explore a different experience in my life.

So what does this have to do with you and manifesting a career you love?

Have you read my That Makes It Easier blog? It’s about how everything that could possibly be seen as negative in your life actually makes it easier for you to create a new experience. If you’re reading about manifesting your ideal career, my guess is that you’re not thrilled with the one you currently have.  No matter what it is you don’t like about where you are now, instead of complaining about it mindlessly or feeling like a victim, realize that all those things are helping you move on to something you would actually enjoy doing.  That co-worker who drives you nuts is making it easier for you to move on to something else. Cutting your hours may be giving you more time to start working on something you have always wanted to do but kept putting off.

Everything is a positive opportunity.  The Universe works for us and in our best interests.  It’s only when we refuse to see that fact that life feels like a struggle.  When we recognize everything for the Divine blessing it is, we enjoy the flow of life and experience more joy and bliss than we can even imagine.

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