Strength in Silence

Hi Friends!

Sometimes I receive messages in the form of images of animals. These images come to me during my meditation or as I’m out and about living my life. The images appear to remind me to connect with the characteristics I associate with the animal and to use those characteristics to help me in my life. I refer to these images as animal guides. They are guiding me to a new perspective or way of living. My most recent animal guide is an elephant. I decided to paint a picture of him so you could enjoy his presence as well 🙂

He first appeared in my meditation. I heard Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! And then I saw elephant feet. A few days later I saw him in the moss of a tree across the lake. I was writing on my balcony in Florida, and when I saw him, I stopped what I was doing and just enjoyed the silence for several minutes. I instantly felt more peaceful.

Today, he was the Guide who visited me while I was listening to one of my meditation recordings. His name is Nick. I asked Nick how he helps me in my life, and I got the message that he helps me have the strength to keep going. He said the way he communicates with me is through silence. When I saw my elephant friend, I never heard words or messages; only silence. And I did feel stronger and more peaceful.

My Elephant Guide wants to remind us all this week that there is strength in silence. Whenever we feel overwhelmed, worn out, or like we can’t move forward, we can find the strength and comfort we need in the silence.

I hope you make some time for silence this week!

Sending you love!

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