Transforming Fear Into Empowerment

Hi Friends!

As excited as I was about our move, a few weeks before I found plenty of things to worry about. I don’t know why I worry and imagine future doom, especially when I have the wonderful connection with my Spirit Guides and know that everything happens for a positive reason. Because it didn’t make logical sense to be worried, I started judging myself, which only made me feel worse, surprisingly enough 🙂 So I asked, “Why do I worry and feel fearful when I know everything is going to work out just fine?”

That’s when I realized fear and worry is just a habit. I have been imaging worse-case-scenarios for longer than I have been realizing that everything happens for a positive reason, so it’s just natural that my mind sometimes slips into the old ruts. While I was working with my Spirit Guides on this, they gave me an exercise to do that immediately made me feel better. The idea is to state your fears in a way that acknowledges that they are temporary and opens you to transforming those fearful thoughts into empowering, feel-good thoughts. If you have worries or fears right now that are driving you bonkers and that you would like to release, try this exercise:

  1. Acknowledge that the fear you are feeling is a temporary state of being. No matter what your fear is, it is something you will eventually release and move beyond. Reminding yourself that your fear is temporary immediately helps you feel more empowered. You can do this by beginning your expression of what you are fearful of with, “In this moment..” or “Right now…” (as opposed to thinking you always have and always will feel this way)
  2. State your fear.
  3. State the experience you desire to have and that you are open to feeling.

Here’s an example:

Right now, I’m feeling fearful about having enough money. I am scared that I will have a dramatic decrease in my income and not be able to afford my house. However, I am open to feeling inspired in new ways, to sharing my gifts with the world, and to receiving more money from expected and unexpected avenues.

Another example:

In this moment, I am scared that I will always be alone. I am scared that I will never find a wonderful love to share my life with. I’m scared that there is something wrong with me and that no one will ever be able to love me. However, I am open to love. I am open to recognizing that I am a wonderful and worthwhile person. I am open to meeting new people and sharing my life with another person. I am open to recognizing that there have been times in my life when I’ve had other dreams that seemed impossible but came true, and I am open to believing that even though I don’t know how, who, or when, there is a love coming into my life right now who will love me for who I am. 

Once you begin to feel truly open to the experience you desire to have and feel more empowered, you can state what you want with even more conviction. In the second example, instead of saying, “I am open to recognizing that I am a wonderful and worthwhile person,” you can say, “I AM a wonderful and worthwhile person.” Sometimes we can’t jump straight from feeling fearful to feeling empowered, so a great step is to acknowledge that you are open to feeling a different experience. By stating that you are open to it, you are literally opening up your energy field to let in the experience, thoughts, and feelings you want to have. Once you feel your confidence growing, you can clearly state your new truth with power and conviction.

Fear can stop us from feeling our joy. It can stop us from creating a life we love. It can stop us from making decisions that are exciting and empowering. The great thing about fear is that it is a choice, and we can choose to release it at any time. What fear are you ready to release today? I hope this exercise and this article helps you feel better and move beyond your fears so you can love yourself and love your life.

Sending you much love,

Melanie Jade 🙂


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