End of Life Guidance

Melanie the Medium Reconnect with Deceased Loved Ones

I’m so sorry you’re faced with making end-of-life plans for your loved one. It can be heartbreaking knowing your loved one will pass soon, and it’s overwhelming trying to determine the best course of action. It’s common to second-guess every decision, wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

Many people who reach out to me have been experiencing panic attacks, sleepless nights, and oppressive worry trying to guess what their loved one would want them to do. Having a session with me is unique because I can help you connect to your loved one to get answers directly from them. This is especially healing if your loved one is unable to communicate clearly due to dementia, a comatose state, ventilator, or other physical difficulty.

We begin by discussing your concerns. Your session will be customized to offer you the most peace, guidance, and reassurance.

Examples of Session Guidance:

  • Guided meditation to communicate with the spirit of your loved one while they are still alive. Get the answers and reassurance you’re looking for directly from them.
  • Messages from deceased family members who will greet your loved one when they cross over.
  • Discussion about what your loved one might say, see, or hear as they are getting glimpses of the other side.
  • Spiritual guidance for releasing worry by focusing on practical action steps you can take.
  • We address all of your concerns together so you feel more peace, reassurance, and confidence about next steps.

A session can give you:

  • Peace of mind, knowing your loved one will be okay
  • Reassurance about end-of-life decisions
  • Insight into what your loved one is experiencing now
  • Comfort about what happens as your loved one moves to the other side

Update 2023:

I have paused my readings and online courses to focus on my family. To learn when readings and courses are available again, please sign up for my newsletter.

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“Melanie’s down to earth and very warm approach immediately eased my anxiety. I felt like I was having a conversation with a caring friend. She answered all my questions and helped me connect with my grandmother. Because of the guidance I received, I now have a plan and road map to follow.” – Christine R.

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