The Power of Expectation

The Power of Expectation by Melanie The Medium

Are you longing for something in your life and worried that it won’t happen? Maybe you’re longing to find a new job, your ideal mate, your next home, a new child, or a sense of direction. The fear that you will be stuck where you are, without your heart’s desire, feels awful.

When I feel that way my Spirit Guides and Angels ask me, “What do you expect?” They tell me that if I expect that my dream won’t come true, I’ll feel the sadness and grief of losing that dream, even though I don’t have any proof that it won’t work out. In essence, I’m wasting my energy on an unfavorable outcome that I’m imagining.

Instead, my spiritual team says to expect that what you want to happen is already happening. Expect greatness. Expect that everything is working out perfectly. 

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It’s different than wanting. When you want a certain outcome, you are still imagining the possibility that it won’t happen. Wanting manifests more feelings of wanting, rather than feelings of having. Instead of wanting your dreams to come true, expect that they are already coming true. Feel the feelings of having your heart’s desire.

Will you get the exact job you want? Will you get the exact timing you want? Maybe not. But in the end, I’ve found that things ultimately work out even better than you thought they would.

Instead of saying, “I expect to get this specific job,” you can say, “I expect that I am being led to the perfect job for me.” Instead of saying, “I expect to find the love of my life this week,” you can say, “I expect that my love is already on his way and will be here in perfect timing.” If you want a child you can say, “I expect that I will have a child in perfect timing.”

Release your worry and expect that everything is working out well for you, even if you can’t see exactly how everything is moving forward.

For those of you who are currently worried about getting your heart’s desire, here is a special message from my Spirit Guides:

Just because you can’t see the outcome you want yet doesn’t mean it isn’t available to you and on its way. You’re not alone. Your spiritual team is here for you, so expect that we are helping you. Expect us to help you find joy. Expect us to help you achieve your dreams in perfect timing.

I hope this message brought more peace to your life today. It’s okay if you don’t know how you will get what you want. What you can know is that everything is working out perfectly for you. Expect the outcome you desire.

Sending you love,


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