Experiencing Bliss in Each Moment

Hello Friends!

Yesterday I was at the library when I was given another nugget of wisdom from my guides. In each moment there is the potential for bliss. Sometimes we don’t notice it or block it from ourselves, but it’s always there if we choose to experience it. So, the question in my mind was,

“How can I experience bliss in this moment?”

Medium & Spiritual Teacher Melanie Jade Rummel in the park

In the library, I realized I needed to slow down, take my time, and breathe. I had been feeling rushed because the library was about to close, but then I remembered that time is flexible according to what I need and believe, so I affirmed that there would be plenty of time for me to get what I wanted. I took my time, looked in several different sections for books, and felt great. I definitely experienced bliss as I took time to enjoy myself there.

The same was true as we walked home. I was having a great time walking home from the library with my in-loves and my husband (we were singing and laughing the entire time). We were walking pretty quickly most of the way, but about half a mile before we reached home I asked myself this question again. How can I best experience bliss in this moment? I realized my spirit wanted to slow down and enjoy the scenery, so that’s what I did.

After slowing down, I was able to experience the beauty of the nature around us. I saw snails under big fat leaves of a vine, felt the cool breeze on my body, and enjoyed every step walking hand-in-hand with my amazing husband. What a wonderful day!

I hope you have a blissful day today too!

Melanie Jade

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