Finding Your Direction

Finding Your Direction

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your direction and you have no idea where to go next in your life? Have you worried about making the wrong decisions, taking too much time, or never creating a life you love?

I’ve felt lost many times in my life, and it definitely isn’t a pleasant experience. One particular time many years ago, I didn’t know what next step to take in my career, I was between homes and didn’t know where I wanted to live, and I was running seriously low on funds and felt the urgent need to figure things out.

After weeks (maybe months) of feeling completely lost, I gave up trying to figure it out, plopped down on a bench outside, and just started bawling.

After sitting there for several minutes with my head in my tear-soaked hands, I suddenly felt a wave of peace. When I looked up, I saw the smiling faces of my Spirit Guides on the trees in front of me.

My Guides started telling me what causes us to feel lost and how we can find our direction again. Hearing their guidance brought me back to a place of peace and helped me know what to do next in my life.

Through doing readings for my clients, I’ve realized that most of us feel lost at some point in our lives, and I wanted to share the messages from my Spirit Guides to help. You can read the messages and guidance I received in my new Finding Your Direction Bliss Pak. It’s a guidebook and meditation set to help you recognize the direction of your Spirit and keep moving forward with joy.

I’m also sharing one of the messages from the guidebook in this week’s episode of TrueYou TV!

No matter how worried and lost you feel, your Spirit always knows your direction. You are always moving forward along the perfect path for you.

If you’d like more guidance about finding your direction, check out my Finding Your Direction Bliss Pak on my store page or contact me for a reading. I’m always happy to help.

Sending many blessings your way!


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