Conversations with Cosmo

cosmo balconyCosmo is our kitty cat.  She and I have had quite the journey together.  What began as a tumultuous relationship became a blessing in disguise as I learned to develop a new psychic ability.

Cosmo was Mark’s cat originally, and when I first met her, she bit me.  Things got worse when Mark and I moved in together.  She would chase me down the hall, bite me, swat at my feet, etc.  Animals love me, so I was shocked and hurt by her treatment.

After many months of being miserable together (the cat and I), doing everything we could think of to make things better, we decided to give her away.  Mark made up a flyer and e-mailed it to friends with a description of her and a photo.  Several weeks passed without any interest in our biting cat.  Hmm…I wonder why? The whole time, of course, I was thinking of different reasons why Cosmo was in my life.  I believe everything happens for a positive reason, but I just couldn’t figure this one out.

When nobody expressed interest in taking her from us, I accepted the fact that she was here to stay.  I did a tarot reading that confirmed to me that giving her away would cause a lot of unhappiness, and that if we kept her, we would be able to get along.  I asked how in the world that was possible.  After all, I felt so hopeless and miserable.  My guidance was to meditate and talk to her.

Not in the mood to follow that guidance (HA!), I began researching pet psychics.  I had never communicated mentally with animals before, and I wanted a quick fix (a.k.a. someone else).  One evening, I looked online and started reading articles about communicating with pets.  As I was reading, I began getting messages about Cosmo.  I opened a word document and started typing.  Here’s what I was told: Wants more space (we lived in a tiny apartment at the time).  Doesn’t like being pushed out of bed (She used to sleep in the bed with Mark until Mark and I moved in together).  Makes her very upset.  The bed was her place.  She wants a lot more play time, but with both of us.  She wants our attention on her together.  She wants to be admired for how pretty she is.  Likes purple blanket on the end of the bed.  We keep moving it, and she doesn’t like it when we do that.

I was surprised and encouraged by that communication.  A few days later, I sat in the living room near Cosmo and began meditating.  Once I calmed my mind, I imagined sending her loving energy.  Then, I began speaking with her in my mind.  I spoke with her about our relationship, about how pretty I thought she was (bonus points), and about what I wanted our relationship to be like.  I communicated with words, feelings, and images.  I told her that when she bites me, it makes me feel bad and I don’t like it.  I told her that if she wants me to stop petting her, she should walk away, not bite.  We talked for several minutes.  I had been at work most of the day, so I did not have the energy to sit up straight during my mediation.  I leaned over so my head was on the ground as I finished my meditation.  After our conversation, I sat in peace for several minutes.  Then, to my complete surprise, I felt a kitty head bump up against mine, followed by a sandpaper lick on my cheek.  She had never done anything like that before, so I took it as a very good sign.

Since that time (over a year ago), pretty kitty Cosmo has been so sweet to me.  She hasn’t bitten me since that conversation!  Now we are the best of friends and I adore her.  I am so amazed at the difference one conversation can make. Since then, we have had several conversations, and my dreams were even interrupted one night while I was being instructed on how she likes to be stroked!

After this experience, I realized one of the wonderful reasons Cosmo is in my life.  She helped me seek spiritual answers to a physical issue.  Because of her influence (what a mild way to say “tearing apart my flesh!”), I discovered another way to use my intuition.  I think that’s so cool, and I’m so thankful to her.

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