Focusing on Your Journey

country roadWe are all on wonderful life journeys.  They are unique journeys, and each of us is equipped with perfect guidance and intuition to lead us along our journey.  We can choose to listen to it or not, but we all have it.  Part of living your best life is recognizing that only you know the journey you are on, and only you know which next step to take.

We all have well-meaning friends and family members who offer advice.  We all hear and read opinions about life every day.  However, as long as we are making decisions based on what other people think is best for us, rather than listening to our own inner guidance, we will be unhappy.  When you hear advice from others that is against what you feel internally, recognize that they are speaking from their journey.  It is not your journey.  Smile and nod, and then do what you feel is best for you.

The second part of happiness is recognizing that other people have their own journeys that you know nothing about.  How many times do we waste time and energy worrying about what other people are doing?  Why aren’t they going to school, why are they dating so-and-so, why aren’t they listening to my wise advice?  This includes your children, spouse, family members, friends, and anyone else you come across.  Release your worry.  They are acting differently than you would because they have their own journey.  You cannot possibly know what is best for them.  When someone is incapable of making their own decisions, either from mental illness or they are very young (and I don’t mean your 18 year old), then you do the best you can.  For everyone else, just let them live their own lives.  Isn’t that easier?  It makes it so much easier for you to focus on your life.

Embrace your journey with open arms, follow your inner guidance each step of the way, and you will live a life with more joy than you can even imagine.

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