Free Psychic Reading: Message From Your Spirit Guides

Free Psychic Reading Message from Spirit Guides

Get a message from your Spirit Guides with this free psychic reading! To get your message, focus on the situation you’ve been wanting guidance about, or ask for a general message from your Spirit Guides.

Take a moment to breathe, calm your mind, and remind yourself that you are surrounded by love. You always have access to the help and insight you need when you need it. Like this free reading!

Pick the card that you feel most drawn to. Don’t overthink it. Just trust that your Spirit Guides will help you get the perfect message today.

Scroll to read your message.

Free psychic reading card number one

Did you pick card number one? Your Spirit Guides want you to know that you are surrounded by love and support. Reach out to people you know can offer support. Communicate with honesty. Now is not the time to lock yourself away and be a hermit. As you reach out to loved ones, your energy will shift, your path will become clearer, and you’ll realize that everything is easier when you remember you’re part of a team.

Free psychic reading card number two

Did you pick card number two? Your Spirit Guides want you to know that thinking of worse-case scenarios and discounting any sign of progress just puts you in a bad mood. It’s not looking at reality. It’s refusing to see the help that is all around you. Notice all the ways you are supported in your life. Notice all the ways things have been working out. The struggle you feel is the struggle you are creating. In each moment you are being helped. Focus on that. Drop the cynicism and doubt and allow yourself to believe that things are looking up.

Free psychic reading card number three

Did you pick card number three? This is the time to relax and enjoy the progress you have made. Enjoy your surroundings and allow your soul to feel light. This is the breathing zone. Enjoy every minute before you launch into another adventure. All is well.


I hope that these messages from your Spirit Guides offer a new perspective and make your day easier. If you liked this free psychic reading, check out my other one to find out how you connect with your Spirit Guides. And if you want more detailed, personal guidance, you can schedule a phone or email reading with me and read testimonials on my request a reading page.

Sending you love!


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