Free Reading: Get a Message from the Angels

Get a message from the Angels

You have angels working with you behind-the-scenes, and today you can get a message from them!

As a spiritual medium, I regularly share loving messages from Angels and Spirit Guides in my readings. I help spiritual people see past confusion, overcome obstacles, and create a life of joy. I created this free reading so your Angels could share a special message today to make you feel encouraged, loved, and supported too!

To get your message, take a few calming breaths, ask which card has the message for you, and then pick the card that you feel drawn to. Scroll to read your message.

Angel Card 1

Did you pick card number one? Your Angels know that you have done everything you can do to get the outcome you’re looking for. Sometimes it may seem like nothing is working out the way you want it to, and that can be really frustrating. However, your Angels say that you have done your part, and now it’s time to let them do theirs.

Let go. Don’t try to control what is not yours to control. It may not be happening in your timing or in the way you think it should happen, but it is all working out. Things are moving in ways that you are not aware of, and it’s all ultimately for your highest good. So please let go. Allow yourself to rest in the knowledge that you have done all you can up to this point. Trust that your Angels can take it from here.

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Angel card 2

Did you choose card number two? Love is the focus for you right now. You deeply want to experience love, and you want to love yourself more as well. Your Angels say that the key to feeling more love is accepting people for who they are, rather than comparing them to who you think they should be. This includes you!

Let go of holding yourself and others to impossible standards. You put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, but the truth is that you are already naturally perfect. You don’t need to change; your perception of yourself needs to change. See yourself with eyes of love. See all the ways in which you are succeeding. See the love and support that you have offered other people. You are truly a light in the world.

When you see yourself with eyes of love, you will start appreciating others for who they are as well. You won’t try to change them. You will see them for the light that they are. Your relationships will improve, and your heart will be open to giving and receiving more love. You will experience more ease and flow in your life, and you will experience that ultimate boon –  loving, compassionate, and fun relationships.

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Angel card 3

Did you choose card number 3? What will lift your spirits right now is more play time. When you play, you feel your creativity, your inspiration flows, and you get more ideas to help you in other areas of your life.

Play time isn’t something you put off until your to-do list is done. If you take time to play now, everything in your life will go much more smoothly. If you’re feeling confused about an aspect of your life, drop everything and go play. When you’re finished, you will have the answers you’re looking for.

Your Angels want you to know that you are a hard worker, but play is just as important. It will bring that lightness, joy, and flow to your life that you’ve been seeking. Have fun!

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Angel card 4

Did you choose card number four? Generating income is on your mind. Building stability. Building a future. Having the finances to fuel your dreams.

Focus on the joyful work that you want to do, and then think on a bigger scale. Think of working with thousands or millions of clients. How can you expand your vision so you already believe you are in the sphere of influence you want to be in? Because you already are! You just don’t realize it yet.

Your Angels want you to know that you are even farther along and experiencing even greater success than you realize. Trust yourself, keep going, and know that you are making progress.

Need more guidance and reassurance? Schedule a phone or email reading with me today.


I hope that this free reading made you feel the loving presence of your Angels today.

If you have a bigger area of concern in your life right now and would like some more specific, personal guidance, please contact me for a reading. I’d be happy to share insight from your Angels and Spirit Guides to help give you peace of mind and make your life easier.

Sending lots of love your way!


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