Free Reading: How Soon Will it Happen?

Free Reading - How Soon Will It Happen by Melanie The Medium

I often share messages about divine timing and knowing that everything is working out for your highest good, but I realize that what you really want to know is when. When will I find that job? When will I meet my love? When will I get the call I’m waiting for?

So today, I am sharing this free reading to answer, “When?!”

Take a moment to calm your mind by taking a few deep breaths. Become fully present. Then ask your question, and pick the card that you feel most drawn to. Scroll to read your answer.

Free Reading - How Soon Will It Happen - Card 1 - by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number one? Your situation has a fast timeline. You will either get the outcome you are hoping for, or you’ll receive new information that will give you a different perspective within 2-3 days. Either way, you won’t be waiting for long.

In the meantime, try to let any worry or anticipation about this situation go. Know that everything is working out according to your highest good, and try to focus on other aspects of your life that are important to you. This situation is just a small part of your wonderful life. Trust that things are working out and that you will get news very soon.

Free Reading - How Soon Will It Happen - Card 2 - by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number two? Sometimes when a situation isn’t what you really want on a soul level, it doesn’t happen. I don’t get the feeling that the situation you asked about is truly what you want in your life right now. It’s not the big dream that you actually want to come true, so it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

This is an abundant universe, so ask yourself, if you could have your absolute ideal, what would it be? Is this situation you’re asking about truly your ideal, or is it just what you think is possible?

You are destined for greatness. You are destined for joy! Think about what would truly bring you joy, and believe that it is possible for you. When you focus on what would truly bring you joy, things will begin moving forward much more quickly.

Free Reading - How Soon Will It Happen - Card 3 - by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number three? I realize that you’ve already been waiting for what feels like forever for this to happen, but it’s going to be another 2-3 months for everything to get sorted out. What you need to know is that there are many other details falling into place that you’re not even aware of. Things are working out, and you will get the outcome you’ve asked about. It’s just going to take a bit longer.

Think about the other aspects of your life you want to change and that you have more control over. By taking action in those areas, you will distract yourself from waiting and make some positive progress. Hang in there!

Free Reading - How Soon Will It Happen - Card 4 - by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number four? The situation you asked about will happen within a few weeks or you will get some news within that time frame that will significantly impact your feelings about this situation. This is the kind of situation that is out of your hands. However, what you can control is your focus. Everything is happening according to your highest good, and that includes this timeline. Try to take a step back and ask within, “How is this helping me?”

Okay, I get it. Maybe you don’t care how it’s helping and you just Want. It. Now. I completely understand. But I promise, within a few weeks, everything will fall into place in a perfect, synchronistic way. This delay is a way the universe is showing you love. You are being looked after and cared for. That’s the bigger picture, and it will all become more clear within a few weeks.

Free Reading - How Soon Will It Happen - Card 5 - by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number five? You have chosen to ask about a long-term goal you are working toward. You know this isn’t going to happen overnight. This is something that will gradually unfold and come to fruition over the next several years, and it is something that will continue to evolve and be part of your life for many years to come.

Celebrate your small successes along the way. They are part of your beautiful journey. Celebrate the signs that things are moving forward. You are doing well, and you are making more progress than you think. Focus on why this goal is important to you, and that will give you the energy to keep going.


I hope this reading gave you some insight into your situation. When I do a reading, I always tell people that time is flexible. Your actions or inaction can change how events unfold. If you get the nudge to do something different or to wait before taking action, trust that nudge. Your inner sense of direction will take you to where you want to go.

If you want some additional insight about why certain situations don’t seem to be happening as quickly in your life, I’d be happy to do a reading for you to give you personal messages from your Spirit Guides.

Sending you love!


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