Free Reading: Get an Easter Message from Your Spirit Guides

Free Reading Easter message from Melanie The Medium

It’s almost Easter, so I thought it would be cute to do an Easter-themed free reading this week! This is the bunny and chocolate type of Easter reading, and it’s a fun way to get a message from your Spirit Guides.

Ask your Guides what message you need to hear today. Then pick the card that you feel most drawn to. Scroll for your answer.

Easter message1 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number one? You have been feeling a big shift internally, and that has changed the way you view yourself and your life. You want your outer appearance to reflect the changes you’ve been feeling on the inside, so make time to explore what that means to you. Does it mean a new hairstyle or wardrobe? Maybe it means a new fitness regimen, new home, or new job. How do you want your outer world to reflect the changes you’ve been feeling on the inside? That is the question to ponder this Easter. Your Spirit Guides want you to know that it’s fine to take time to celebrate You and create an outer image that reflects these new internal changes.

Easter message 2 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number two? Your Spirit Guides say you are at a point in your life when you are going with the flow, and it feels good. You don’t need drama in your life to feel important. Whatever comes your way, you maintain a calm, loving, and dignified demeanor while you figure it out. You’re a great hostess, so if your family is celebrating Easter, they are most likely coming to you. One of your special gifts is that people feel more peaceful just being around you. This Easter, just enjoy being with your friends and family, and most of all, enjoy being You. Way to go going with the flow 🙂

Easter message 3 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number three? This Easter is a time for transition. A big shift is happening in your life, and something significant is moving out. It could be a job, a home, or even a person. As you let go of the past, acknowledge the blessing it brought to your life. Be grateful for it, and then let it go with love. There is still more joy for you to experience, and you are moving toward an even brighter future.

Easter message 4 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number four? Travel is coming your way! You’re going on a road trip or taking another significant, fun journey that will lead to a lot of laughs and connecting with friends. Your Spirit Guides want you to know that everything will go well on your trip, so just relax and enjoy the journey. Use this opportunity to feel refreshed and re-energized. And most of all, have fun!


I hope you enjoyed this Easter message, and if you’re celebrating, Happy Easter! I’ll send love while I’m eating my Easter chocolate 🙂

Sending you love,


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