Free Reading! Pick a Flower for Your Message

Message-from-Spirit-Guides Flower

Hi Friends! I’m so excited to be sharing this new free reading! This is an easy and fun way to get a message from your Spirit Guides. I want you to know that your spiritual team is working with you behind the scenes. No matter what you are going through, your Spirit Guides are cheering you on.

To get the most out of this reading, bring your focus fully to the present moment. Take a few slow, deep breaths as you wiggle your toes and feel your feet on the ground. Notice the sights and sounds around you. Take this moment to pause and focus on receiving the perfect message for you today.

Once you’ve done that, choose the flower from the photo above that you feel drawn to today, and scroll down for your message.

Yellow Flower

Did you pick the yellow flower? Your Spirit Guides want you to know that they understand the issue that is causing you the most stress. The end of your concerns is in sight. I know at this time it’s hard to see a solution, but your Guides want you to know that the solution is just around the corner.

The most important thing for you to do right now is to believe that there is a solution and that it is coming to your awareness. Right now your sense of hopelessness is blocking any insight. When you switch your mindset to believing a solution is available, you will open your heart and your eyes to seeing that solution.

You’ve been in tough situations before, and you’ve overcome them. You will overcome this tough situation as well. This situation is helping you move forward to something even better for you. Your Spirit Guides are helping behind the scenes.

If you would like more personal insight into your life and messages from your spiritual team, you can request a reading from me.

Pink Flower

Did you pick the pink flower? This is not the time to hide who you are. It’s time to share your personality, your wisdom, and the gifts you feel moved to share with those around you. It could be as simple as joining a local group you’ve been interested in, reaching out to someone who has been on your mind, starting to date again, or starting a new business. Whatever has been at the back of your mind, nagging you to move forward…take a step forward today.

Do you know what’s been holding you back? You are worried that you aren’t good enough, so it feels safer to hide away in your own little world. You have forgotten what a perfect, amazing creation you are. You are truly a light in the world. You are important, and you make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Your Spirit Guides are encouraging you to be yourself in a more social way. You are worth knowing. You are worth celebrating. You have wonderfulness to share. Let go of the story that you aren’t good enough, and step out into the world. Your Spirit Guides are cheering you on each step of the way!

If you’d like more insight from your Spirit Guides, contact me to request a personal reading.

Purple Flower

Did you pick the purple flower? This is a time of letting go. Anytime we have an ending of some kind, even if we were ready for it and even if we initiated it, we can go through a wide range of emotions. Have a sense of gentleness and compassion for yourself as you deal with this ending in your life.

There are many types of endings – the end of a relationship, the end of a life, the end of an idea or a situation, the end of a home, the end of a career, etc. What ending are you dealing with right now?

Even if you are hopeful about what’s next, give yourself time to acknowledge whatever feelings you have for what is moving out of your life.

Be gentle with yourself as you may face emotions you weren’t expecting. Journaling might be a good idea as well. You might write about your gratitude for the experience when it was in your life and your emotions as you move on to a different reality.

No matter how you deal with this ending, your Spirit Guides want you to remember to have a sense of gentleness with yourself. Tread lightly. Go slowly. Give yourself time and show yourself compassion.

If you would like more personal help as you deal with this transition, you can always request a personal reading with me.


I hope this reading provided you with a meaningful message today. I have tons of other posts that can give you guidance today. I hope you enjoy exploring my website for more gems 🙂

With love,



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