Free Reading: Pick a Shell and Get a Message

Free Reading Pick a shell and get a message by Melanie The Medium

As a medium, I share messages from Spirit Guides and Angels every day in my readings. Today I’m sharing a message for you!

To get your message, take a moment to calm your mind by closing your eyes and taking a few slow, deep breaths. Then ask your spiritual team which number has the message for you. Pick the number that you feel drawn to, and scroll for your message.


Shell 1 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick shell number one? This is the shell of the home, comfort, and nurturing. Your Angels are saying that you need time to rest. You are more important than your to-do list. Release your worries about getting everything done by remembering that everything happens in perfect timing, including you. This is the time to relax. Do something special for yourself that makes you feel nurtured. That’s what your spirit needs right now, and that’s what you deserve. Once you’ve taken time for yourself, you will feel hopeful again and energized. Every other aspect of your life will flow more smoothly. Just take time for yourself first.

Shell 2 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick shell number two? This is the shell of exploring. Your Angels want you to know that you have the freedom to explore. You’ve been worried about making the right decision or the wrong decision. You’ve been putting unnecessary stress on yourself and halting your progress with this worry. Let that go. You are an explorer, and life is meant to be explored. There are no wrong paths. There is only your path, which is whatever path you choose. You will succeed on whatever path you choose. Ask yourself, “What would I do if I was just letting myself have fun?” Then do that thing. You will go further, faster with a playful, explorer’s attitude.

Shell 3 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick shell number three? This is the shell of silence. Your Angels are suggesting that you make time to be silent and listen within for the answers you’re seeking. Trying to find your answers by doing more and distracting yourself is not working. Just take 10 minutes to sit and breathe. Ask yourself, “What do I need to know?” Sit in silence and let the answer come to you. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. There is nothing for you to worry about. You have all the answers you need within.

Shell 4 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick shell number four? This is the shell of adventure. Your Angels say that you are ready for big changes in your life. This could mean a new job, a new home, moving to a new country, leaving or beginning a relationship, or some other big change. You’ve been feeling this change for a long time, and now it is here. Don’t stress about the details of how everything will fall into place. Let your Angels take care of that. Your job is to focus on the change you want and keep moving forward. This is an exciting time. Whatever initiated these changes, even if it was unexpected or stressful, this is all happening for your highest good. You’ve been ready for change, and now it is here. Enjoy the journey!


I hope this message helped you remember that you have a loving spiritual team helping you. If you liked this reading, check out my other free readings. And if you would like more personal guidance about the changes you’re going through, contact me for an email or phone reading.

Sending you love,


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