Free Reading: Valentine Message from Your Angels

Get a Valentine from your Angels by Melanie Jade Rummel

Your Angels are working with you, and today they are sending you a special Valentine’s message. To get the message that is meant for you, take a few calming breaths and choose the heart that stands out to you. Scroll down for your message.

Angel Valentine 1 by Melanie Jade Rummel

Did you choose Valentine number one? Here’s a message from your Angels – You are so loved, dear one, but we see that life has felt like a struggle lately. We are here to help. We love you. We support you. We are right here with you. Take some time to rest and release the struggle. Know that all your worries are being seen to by your Angels. 

Angel Valentine 2 by Melanie Jade Rummel

Did you choose Valentine number two? Here’s a message from your Angels – You are growing and reaching, like a beautiful flower reaching to the sun, and it makes us so proud. You have courage and resilience. We see you trying harder and harder, pushing yourself forward, and we want you to know…Well done! You are truly living your light and doing what you came here to do. We are so proud of you, and we hope you take a moment to recognize how far you’ve come. We love you, we support you, and we are proud of you.

Angel Valentine 3 by Melanie Jade Rummel

Did you choose Valentine number three? Here’s a message from your Angels – We celebrate your flexibility and adaptability in your life. We know that there have been unexpected changes, twists, and turns, but you are handling them well. We are holding your hands and helping you to see each next step. We send you love and the reassurance that your entire spiritual team, including your Angels, is right with you every step of the journey. You’re making faster progress than you realize, so just keep your head up and keep moving forward.

Angel Valentine 4 by Melanie Jade Rummel

Did you choose Valentine number four? Here’s a message from your Angels – We want you to see yourself as we see you – brilliant light, sparkling with love, compassion, and creativity. Your spirit is strong and beautiful, and you have been a blessing to so many people. Sometimes you don’t slow down enough to acknowledge how amazing you are and all the accomplishments you’ve made, so that’s what we’re taking time to do. As we look over your life, we see the light you have brought to so many people. We see the challenges you have overcome. You are truly a gift to the world, and we are so thankful to be working with you on this journey.


I hope your message from your Angels has made this Valentine’s Day extra special. If you would like more personal messages and guidance from your Angels, I’d be happy to do a reading for you. They always have loving guidance to share.

Sending you love today!


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