Free Reading: What Is Your Superpower?

What is your superpower reading by Melanie The Medium

You have many awesome talents, but what is your superpower? What is one of the special gifts you can use to bring light and joy to the world?

Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind, ask to be led to the perfect card for you, and then pick a card. Scroll for your superpower.

Superpower 1 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number one? You have the gift of insight. You can see beyond appearances – with people and situations. If someone is lying to you, you know. If a situation isn’t going to turn out well, you get a sinking feeling and you know. Your life is easiest when you are trusting this superpower, so pay attention to those nudges that you get. If you’re confused about an area of your life, take a few minutes to sit quietly and ask yourself, “What is my insight telling me about this situation?” See what comes to you. Let your gift of insight lead you to the most joyful and fulfilling experiences.

Superpower 2 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number two? You are an advocate for people who cannot speak for or defend themselves. You are a champion for causes, and your sense of justice keeps you moving forward. Be cautious not to let your quest for justice turn into anger. As soon as you feel anger and want to put down another, you then become the oppressor (which is exactly what you’re fighting against). Instead, use your love for the victims to give you energy. Love will get you farther than anger.

Superpower 3 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number three? You are the quintessential nurturer. My Guides say that you are the hands of God on earth. People and animals are drawn to you because you will mother them until they can continue on their own. Make sure that you are also the recipient of your love and attention. You are just as deserving. By making time to listen to your needs and give yourself the nurturing you need, you are able to offer your best to others.

Superpower 4 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number four? You are a powerhouse of creativity. By sharing your creative energy with the world, you help people recognize the beauty, joy, and spirit in the world around them. You help people connect with their inner creative genius. Don’t try to box yourself in and only express yourself through one avenue. Instead, allow yourself to enjoy many avenues of creativity. Enjoy expressing your inner creative genius. It is important and valuable, and it brings joy to you and to the world.

Superpower 5 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number five? Your are a peacemaker. You help people have understanding and compassion for each other so there is more peace in your family and your environment. You help people have peace within themselves as well by being a listening ear and reliable friend. When peace is not forthcoming, remember not to take it personally. You can only offer a different perspective. It is not your responsibility to convince other people to see things your way. You lead by example, having peace in your heart, which in turn brings peace to the people around you.


What is your superpower? Let me know in the comments below or on facebook. I hope this reading helped you understand yourself and your motivations on a deeper level. You are truly a gift to the world, and this superpower is just one aspect of the beauty you bring.

Sending you love,


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