Free Reading: What should you do next?

ree Reading - What should you do next - by Melanie The Medium

Hi Friends! Do you ever have those moments when you feel stuck or blank, and you don’t know what to do next? Whether you’re looking for insight on what to do next today, or what to do next to help you achieve your overall goals, this reading can give you the insight you’re looking for.

To choose your card, take a few calming breaths, become fully present, and then choose the card you feel most drawn to. You can also use this random number generator to pick your card. Scroll to read your message.

Free Reading - What should you do next - Flower 1 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number one? The next step to take in your life is to rest. You need some time to ponder how you got to where you are and where you want to go next. You need time to recharge and feel energized and hopeful again. If you don’t take this time, you’ll just get stressed and crabby. Do something relaxing – go outside for a walk, read a book, watch a movie with friends…do whatever makes you feel relaxed.

You might think that you won’t make progress if you rest, but actually you’ll get more clarity and be able to move forward more quickly. You’ll think of solutions to obstacles you’ve been facing, you’ll give projects time to develop, and you’ll feel more hopeful when you return to your to-do list. There is time for you, my friend, so take this time to rest.

Free Reading - What should you do next - Flower 2 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number two? The next step for you to take is a leap of faith. You know what you’ve been wanting to do, and now is the time to do it. Trust that whatever happens, you will be able to handle it.

Do you know how to make a leap of faith not feel like a leap of faith? Know that you will be supported. When you follow what you feel pulled to do, you will be supported. It is in everyone’s highest good for you to do what your heart desires, so you will be helped along the way. If you know that (and you know you’re freaking awesome), that leap becomes just another step forward on your beautiful journey. You can do it, my friend, and it’s time. You will be supported every step of the way.

Free Reading - What should you do next - Flower 3 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number three? You may feel like you are going in circles, but it’s because you are second-guessing yourself. You know what step would bring you joy, but you are worried that it won’t work out.

Here’s a secret: everything ultimately works out. It may not work out the way you thought it would, but everything moves you forward along the path and purpose that your spirit already knows. You cannot go wrong! So release the pressure and stop second-guessing. Just take whatever big, bold step forward you can think of. What you learn from that step will lead you to the next step, and so on. It will all work out fine. Just move forward 🙂

Free Reading - What should you do next - Flower 4 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number four? The next step for you is to spend time with friends and family. Call them up or make time to spend with them. You will be nurtured by this, but there’s also someone close to you who could use a listening ear. Ask in your heart who this person is, and then write, call, or spend time with them. Even just reaching out with a little love note can brighten their day and make you feel like you’re making a difference.

If you’ve been wondering what your purpose is and how to fulfill it, this is it. You are a light in the world. By following your inner guidance that tells you where you are needed, you fulfill your purpose. In every little and big way, you make a difference with your presence. So listen within – who do you need to reach out to? And make that connection.

Free Reading - What should you do next - Flower 5 by Melanie The Medium

Did you pick card number five? The next step for you is to realize all the things you have already accomplished and all the progress you’ve already made. If you only focus on how much farther you have left to go to reach your goals, you will never feel like you’re making progress. You’ll feel overwhelmed, drained, and like there is no time for you.

So today, list everything you’ve already accomplished. List the things you’ve learned, reasons you’re proud of yourself, obstacles you’ve overcome, and talents you’ve discovered. Celebrate all you’ve done up to this point. When you do this, you’ll feel reassured, energized, and be able to continue on your journey with joy. You deserve a joyful journey, and you’ve already made amazing progress. It’s time to recognize that progress and celebrate your awesomeness!

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