From Melanie’s Kitchen: Making M&M Yummies!

From Melanie's Kitchen: Making M&M Yummies

Every year for Christmas, Mark and I make a salty-sweet treat we call M&M Yummies. Mark and I are known as M&M in our family, so it just makes sense that we would somehow create a delicious chocolate treat to go along with that. And if we don’t eat them all ourselves, we package them in little cellophane bags or glass jars to give away to family and friends. Today I’m welcoming you into my kitchen to make them with me!

All you need is a large bag of mini pretzels, two 12oz bags of semi-sweet chocolate morsels, and two 11oz bags of M&Ms. This will make about 170 M&M Yummies. (I only know because we counted them to package for Mark’s co-workers this year.) I just keep going until the chocolate runs out. I always have M&Ms and pretzels left over, and that’s just fine with me 🙂

This is a fun, super easy treat to make with other people. You can set up multiple bowls with ingredients for each person, or you can have one person dip the pretzels and another person put the M&Ms on top. Either way, it’s lots of fun.

Of course, because this is a TrueYou TV episode, I’m also sharing my thoughts as I say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. I hope you enjoy these sweet treats!

There were so many great things that happened in my life in 2016, and I accomplished many of my goals. I had fun doing my Hear it From Spirit calls, and I created many new online courses for to share spiritual and intuitive guidance.

But the prevailing thought I have as I enter into a new year is to remain open to the joyful surprises the universe has in store. Plans are great, and they have a place, but if mid-year your spirit pulls you in a different direction, go with it. I think life’s best adventures aren’t planned step-by-step. They have this whirlwind, what-is-happening, holy crap! quality that can be exhilarating (sometimes intimidating) and make us feel alive again. I hope your 2017 is filled with joyful, exhilarating, soul-inspired adventures too!

With lots of love,


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