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When you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted, it can be difficult to know how to move forward. As a professional medium, I share messages from your Spiritual Guides to help you overcome obstacles and start creating a more joyful life. I can also help you meet your Guides and get answers directly from them.

Loving, insightful guidance to help you with:

  • Living your purpose
  • Finding your ideal career
  • Finding your ideal relationship
  • Improving your personal and professional relationships
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Connecting with your Guides & Angels
  • Creating more joy in your life

Update 2023:

I have paused my readings and online courses to focus on my family. To learn when readings and courses are available again, please sign up for my newsletter.

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60 minute reading – $165

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Other arrangements can be made for accessibility reasons. Please contact mePayments are processed through Paypal, but you don’t need a Paypal account to purchase.

Please do not purchase a reading as a gift. It is a very personal process. Please pass along my info so when they are ready, they can reach out for a reading. Thank you!

Bulk Discount: 3 Readings, 60 minutes each – $421
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“The reading you did for me was so life-altering. It took one recurring and troubling issue, and crossed it off the list of things to ever worry about again. The power of that is staggering to me.” – Jessica M.

Worry and indecision keeps you up at night. It makes you feel like you’re running out of time. It interferes with work, strains relationships, and steals your energy. Getting a reading is life-changing and immediately makes you feel more peaceful and able to move forward with confidence.

Don’t waste more time feeling discouraged and unsure about next steps. Connecting with your spiritual team of Guides and Angels will make your life easier.

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60 minute reading – $165

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My readings are for you if…

You’re a spiritual person.
You know there is something bigger than us that we can connect to for compassionate, insightful guidance. You don’t always seek outside help, but when you need it, you go to someone you can trust.

I felt a deep sense of peace after your reading. I felt myself expand with love and light and peace. You have given me everything I have asked for and more.” – Julie S.

You’re feeling confused about next steps.
You feel a deep longing for change but aren’t sure exactly what that looks like or how to get it. You want your life to be in alignment with who you are on a soul level. You want deep, insightful guidance to help launch you forward in the best, most loving way possible.

“I found some of the strength I had locked away deep inside. Your reading helped me more than anything else.” – Melissa D.

You feel blocked.
You keep trying to create a life you love, but it feels like you’re hitting one roadblock after another. You’re exhausted from trying and wonder if you should just give up. You want to know why it isn’t working and how to move forward as quickly as possible.

“I knew I was wasting a lot of energy obsessing over the past and projecting worst-case scenario fears onto the future. I’ve read so many self-help books trying to find the clarity and peace-of-mind that Melanie was able to provide in a short phone call.” – Melinda G.

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60 minute reading – $165

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You might be wondering…

How do I prepare for a reading?

A reading is a conversation with your spiritual team, so come prepared with a list of questions and concerns you would like insight into. I’ll share their guidance to help you get clarity, overcome obstacles, and live with more joy.

Do you offer 30 minute readings?

I offered 30 min readings in the past, but everyone wanted more time! I pack a ton of information into the hour so you have things to listen to and learn from long after the call ends. Being in the positive energy and new perspective together for that amount of time makes a huge impact on your overall peace of mind and sense of hope for the future.

Are there questions you won’t answer?

I don’t answer questions about health decisions, whether someone is cheating on you, or other people’s lives. My focus is on you and helping you create the life you want.

I’m scared you’re going to tell me something bad, or something I don’t want to know.

I never receive scary or “doom and gloom” messages. In every connection I’ve had with the other side, I have felt only love, compassion, and understanding. That’s what I share in my readings.

Will you know everything about me?

No. I don’t dig around in your personal business. Instead, I let you direct the areas of your life to focus on. You ask specific questions, and I share the loving, compassionate insight your Guides and Angels have in response.

Does getting a reading go against my religion?

The basis of all my readings, and the source of all information I receive, is Love. I invite you to spend time on my blog to determine if the types of messages I share coincide with your beliefs. Then you can schedule your reading when you feel comfortable and ready.

What about evil spirits?

I only connect with the highest loving spirits, and the messages I share vouch for that.

Do you offer a guarantee?

If you feel the information I am giving you isn’t ringing true or the reading isn’t what you expected, I will refund you 100%. Please let me know as soon as possible during the reading and resolve the issue with me directly. I will also let you know if I feel I am not the right reader for you. I want you to have a great experience, whether it’s with me or with a different reader.

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60 minute reading – $165

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