Got Balls? You’ll Need ’em to Follow Your Dream

Dear Friends,

I am always encouraging people to follow their dreams, and I honestly believe that is the only way to live a happy, fulfilled life.  However, I want to tell you something I’ve learned.  If you’ll pardon my vulgarity, it takes balls to follow your dreams.  You will have to face your fears, go against what many people tell you, disregard whatever the news tells you is true about the world, and disregard practically everything in favor of your inner voice.  It takes balls to believe things are working out perfectly when your physical reality is not what you want yet.

You will need to constantly reaffirm for yourself what you believe.  Any feelings you may harbor about not being worthy or good enough, smart enough, old enough, or young enough will probably come up and need to be dealt with and overcome.

Guy leaping off cliff

So is it worth it to you?  I believe following your inner voice is essential to ultimate happiness.  When you do decide to live your dream life and follow your inner voice, miracles will begin to occur daily in your life.  This world is a magical place when you live it with passion and joy.  You’ll get even more than you ever imagined.


Melanie Jade

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