Hello Friends,

One night while I was in Florida, I started focusing on what I wanted next in my life and feeling kinda bummed because it wasn’t already there.  I mean, honestly, my life is freakin’ awesome, and we go on amazing adventures, but near the end of one adventure, I’m already ready for the next and wondering why it hasn’t started.  I was feeling the natural inner unrest that serves as a prequel to the next great adventure. In fact, feeling that dissatisfaction and unrest is a sign to Mark and me that the next chapter of our adventure is about to unfold.  So that’s what I was feeling as I started drifting off to sleep that night.

Then, about 20 minutes later, I received a major download.  I felt like a tidal wave of gratitude rushed into my body.  I sat up in bed, seeing all the events of my life in front of me and how one person and event had led perfectly to the next.  I saw how everything had happened to create my ideal in each step of my journey, I felt so much overwhelming gratitude that tears starting falling on my cheeks.  I recognized all the beauty and love in my life – my family, Mark’s side of our family, my friends, my Spirit Guides…one person and event after another flashed through my mind like a slideshow, and I felt so much gratitude, I reached my arms into the air.  I felt so much love coming into my body and kept saying, “Thank you, thank you!”  It was an incredible experience, to say the least, and I can’t even describe in words the sensation of love that I felt.  Afterwards, I realized I looked just like the woman on the 9 of Pentacles card in the Pearls of Wisdom tarot deck (the deck I use most).


She is sitting just as I was, cross legged and with arms up, and I could feel powerful loving energy coming into my hands and the top of my head.  The paintings represent all the scenes of my life that I’ve created that are finished and beautiful.  The paint supplies show me I have the tools to create whatever new scenes I want.

My guides have taught me many lessons through the images of my tarot cards.  They are always deeply impactful, full of wisdom, and they give the cards and my life new depth of meaning.

This Thanksgiving, I reflected on that powerful moment.  When I take time to be in the present moment, I feel gratitude.

This week my guides spoke to me about gratitude:

Gratitude is Being.  Gratitude is being in perfect connection to your soul.  When you see the bounty of your life and are grateful for it, you see the truth, for all lives and all experiences are filled with bounty.  You are provided with everything you need, even if it doesn’t at first appear that way.  We never let you go without.

Lack is an experience in perception.  You can easily perceive lack, because that is a choice you can make.  However, you could just as easily choose to see abundance.  Either way, you will be right.  Either way you will experience what you expect.  Focus on abundance and that is what you will always perceive and receive.  Do you think we put you on the earth and just forget about you?  No, you are always surrounded by love and loving energy.  You can easily feel it if you want to .  You can easily accept it if you want to, just open your heart to it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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