Great Expectations #1: Divine Timing

This article is the first of three articles to expand upon a message my guides have told me about three great positive expectations  that work in every situation.  Here’s the first one:

Expect that everything happens and works in Divine, perfect timing, including you.

Since I’ve been on this journey, there have been so many times when I’ve realized the perfect, Divine Timing of the universe.  I follow my intuition, stay aware, and notice how everything in the Universe perfectly aligns at just the right time.  For each of those times when I’ve recognized Divine Timing at work, I know that there are billions more that I have missed.

I think the first part of this expectation is pretty easy to understand, but I want to focus on the end of the statement – including you.  This part of the phrase is meaningful on many levels, and it’s the part we sometimes forget to think about.  Everything we choose to do or not do is also part of Divine Timing, including going to school, not going to school, getting married, getting divorced, having children, changing jobs, sleeping in all day, and every other aspect of our lives.  Once we realize this, we can give ourselves permission to relax and enjoy our lives, instead of giving ourselves a hard time when we think we should have done things differently.

Here are common phrases that signal when we are not recognizing our part in Divine Timing:

  • I’ve waited too long
  • I’m too old
  • I’m too young
  • I’ve missed my opportunity

We have invented many ways to beat ourselves up about not doing things when we think we should have done them.  One of the important lessons I have learned from my guides is that everything I do or don’t do is also part of Divine Timing.  There is no such thing as could haves, should haves, too old or too young.  Everything you do or don’t do is part of the perfect timing of the universe.  Release these ideas and excuses.  You don’t need them.

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