Great Expectations #2: Everything is Positive

This article is the second of three articles to expand upon a message my guides have told me about three great positive expectations  that work in every situation.  The first article was about Divine Timing.  Here’s the second Great Expectation:

Expect that everything that happens and exists has a positive reason for being.

Sometimes this one is hard for us because we’re taught to see things as good or bad.  Do you mean my aunt Sally’s cancer is positive?  Do you mean getting raped is positive?  Do you mean losing my job is positive?

In some way on some level, yes.  From a purely physical, logical mind, we may not see the positive.  However, we are more than physical beings.  We are spiritual beings.

I learned about this expectation while going through hypnotherapy school.  During hypnotherapy, clients can learn how their physical illness, emotional upset, or current life situation came about and how it is helping them.  They can also learn what to do to heal themselves and transform their lives into an experience that is more joyful for them. Some major life decisions are made before we are born when we choose what we want to learn from life and decide which life experiences can help us along that path.

We may not see right away how something is positive, but my experience and my guidance is that everything has a positive reason for being.  How can you discover the positive reason for different life experiences?

  1. Stop feeling like a victim.  Embrace your person power.  If you feel like the world is out to get you, that bad things always happen to you, or are constantly complaining to people about  what is going on that is crappy in your life, you’re playing the victim.  That’s a place of powerlessness.  Take responsibility for everything in your life, and know that you created the current situation for a positive reason, even if you don’t know what that reason is.
  2. Rewrite your story.  Instead of, “Woe is me, I had a crappy childhood, my husband left me,” and other such sob stories, rewrite those stories from a place of power.  For example, someone could either say, “My dad left when I was young and I never felt loved by him,” or, “I had experiences that led me to learn that I am innately lovable.  I learned it wasn’t based on what other people felt outside of me, but an innate quality.  I also learned how to be independent and think for myself.”  Which one sounds more powerful to you?
  3. Ask yourself, “How is this helping me?”  This will automatically shift your mindset and enable you to see the positive.

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